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    Four Horsemen Theory relating to GW

    Firstly, apologies if this is in the wrong place - mods, please feel free to move/delete etc etc.

    I was just browsing through the forums and then I thought of this;

    Four Horsemen: Famine, Pestilence, War & Death.

    Now, in all the campaigns of GW these themes are strong (especially that of war) but if You break them down by campaign (and yes, I;m vcounting GW:EN as a campaign here)..

    Famine: Prophecies, Ascalon was ravaged by those damn charr who's bosses were the Titans, not the specific end of game boss - but there were quests following Lich's demise to get rid of them.

    Pestilence: Factions, Shiro...Afflicted... need I say more.

    War: Nightfall, Varresh (a Warmarshal, no less) sparked off the wars for Abbadon, and then we kicked his butt right back to beyond the Mists

    Death: .... well if you've completed GW:EN you will know which race I mean, not 100% dead but definately not what they were. OR could it mean the "death" of the GW we know - I dont mean that the game has died, I mean it will be something very different in 2 years time (characters, races etc etc)

    I'd love to know what you all think.

    And btw - brilliant Lore forum :)


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    Wow, that's a great take on it all! Really, I'm impressed. I'd never considered it that way, but it makes a lot of sense.
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    I have... i have never looked at it that way... that really does make sense!

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    That is deep. Reminds me of the first oracle scene in The Matrix...

    And yes, what they said.
    Death of a race...and yet, new life is born.

    Would be nice if they followed the story of Pandora's Box in GW2.

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    well, we already have the 4 riders of Dhuum from the Riders of The Chaos Planes quest, so it certainly is in the realm of possibility.

    I once tried to make the connections via ranger spirits
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    That is a great theory, but it would make playing the game pretty pointless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kashrlyyk View Post
    That is a great theory, but it would make playing the game pretty pointless.
    I don't really see how the theory makes the game pointless?

    It is clear from what we know of GW2 that the world of man has in many ways come to an end. The age of man if you will, has passed. Other races are just as well off if not more so than humans. The dragons are waking and all sorts of things are different. So in that way I have to say the theory makes a lot of sense. The Four Horseman come, and herald in an apocalypse, a series of events that mark the end of the Age of Man.

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    The Four Horsemen donīt mark the end of the Age of Man, they mark the end of the whole world. Therefore no matter what you do, everyone will die, if that theory is right!

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    Indeed, these are the Four Horsemen before the Apocalypse. If your theory is true, we will be facing the end of the world all to soon. I think its nicely made up of you but its probably not true.

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