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    I have to say that ingame many of the local channels in big towns are not new friendly. In smaller towns though I often seen people getting help or talking about stuff like runes, weapons etc. I tend to help people who don't spam. On the other hand, I turn off local occasionally if I am trying to talk with guild mates or the team I am on.

    One of the resources that is fairly new is pressing f10 - this brings up the official wiki.

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    As our friend Karn The Ever-Eloquent pointed out a couple of posts ago, GuildWars 2 is still about 2 years from launch; development has started on it, yes, but it's going to be a while.

    You'll have plenty of time to enjoy GW before the sequel hits. Plus, GW2 is being specifically designed with players of the original in mind, as an extension of the existing universe...meaning that the more you do in the original, the more the sequel will feel like a natural progression rather than a new game (even including tracking of characters, items, accomplishments, etc with the "Hall of Monuments", which is available in the Eye of The North expansion. This will apparently give you some benefit in GW2, though details are still sketchy).

    What you might consider doing is picking up a copy of Prophecies - the original Guild Wars - perhaps in the Game of The Year edition, then adding the Eye of The North expansion to it if you like it.
    The two of those will give you a very solid foundation on the game mechanics, lore, world events, and what is probably the most epic of the three storylines in the Guild Wars universe.
    If you like it, then branch out to Nightfall or Factions.

    Give Kalidri's trial key a whirl, and see if you dig it!

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    imho yes it would be ok to start now. Since Gw2 is projected 2 yrs off. who knows may be longer. But even if it is 2 years off, GW1 will be supported for long after. Which I intend to play untill they shut it down. Hit me up for help in game if you need it. in game name: empty skull.

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    I just got all 4 games recently. It's not too late to start playing now but there is definitely a lot of problems with starting this late. You'll barely be starting a campaign when most everyone has moved on to EotN.

    My main problem was getting stuck or making really bad decisions. I had no one to ask for help and it's hard to find a decent guild right now. I've joined a few with people who were really nice, but most people aren't very active players. No one is general chat in towns will be of much help either.

    Basically you can still get a lot out of the game, but the population has thinned out a bit from what I've seen. Also, you're going to have to put in a bit of work to figure out a lot of things as a beginner, but with wiki.guildwars.com and gw.gamewikis.org you should be ok.

    If you have to choose just 1, I'd recommend nightfall, as it was the most recent campaign and soloing with heros is much easier then with henchmen. Personally, I liked Factions more but it is definitely not as user friendly as nightfall.

    Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalidri View Post
    I have to say that ingame many of the local channels in big towns are not new friendly....
    Maybe there should be a new title "Tour Guide" that gets awarded when you helped enough newbies with questions and get favorable feedback/rating from them. The ppl being helped

    • cannot be in a guild
    • lvl 7 < level < 17
    • 2 hours < char age < 40 hours
    • located in starter areas (Pre-searing; Shing Jea Island; Istan)

    Season to taste.

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    I would recommend starting with the platinum edition, which contains both prophecies (the first campaign) and GW:EN ( the addon)
    Best GW value for your money atm.
    Over here it sells for 44 euro instead of ca. 60 you would pay if you buy both seperately.

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    Not too late. The game is alive and well.

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    thinking of buying prophecies

    Hey everyone, I've been considering buying the first guild wars game to try it out. My main concern is if it is still populated enough so that its relatively easy to find a group,guild,etc. Just want to make sure the first game is not dead community-wise since Eye of the North came out recently and probably took a good chunk out of the original's playerbase

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    When you are stuck trying to find a party its really good having the options of heroes (npcs that you can kit out and command)to help. That would mean buying Nightfall first. The story is nearly as good as the original but the heroes make all of the difference when you learn how to use them well. The heroes will be your main buddies through every other Guildwars game from then on and when its hard to get a party you will still have a good chance playing with just them and the more dumb henchmen pcs.

    For the best storyline I would take the new Guildwars edition that comes with eye of the north. This also allows you to play the game chronologically storywise. The downpoint is lack of heroes and plus the older game is much less inhabited than Nightfall I believe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oakwine View Post
    Not too late. The game is alive and well.
    QFT cause there are still many people playing, its far from dead.

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