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    Update: Sept. 6th 2007

    Update - Thursday, September 6, 2007

    Bug Fixes

    * Took steps to address an issue with combat effects that caused some players to experience excessive red flashing. Testing will continue, and further amendments may be made in subsequent builds.
    * Fixed a bug that prevented the Assassin's Ancient armor mask from appearing in the Hall of Monuments.
    * Fixed a bug that caused incorrect headgear to be displayed when characters registered their Obsidian armor in the Hall of Monuments.
    * Fixed a bug that allowed Cyndr the Mountain Heart to take damaged from the spell Spoil Victor while his carapace was up.
    * Fixed a bug in the quest "Heart of the Shiverpeaks" that prevented players from completing the quest while partied with other players who had already completed the quest.
    * Fixed an exploit that allowed players to maintain a large number of Enchantments using Norn blessing skills (Raven Blessing, Ursan Blessing, and Volfen Blessing).
    * Fixed an exploit that allowed players to use maintained Enchantments in Polymock.
    * Fixed a bug with the Polymock skill Spirit Rift that prevented it from dealing damage.
    * Vampiric weapons no longer cause Health degeneration in Polymock.
    * Fixed a bug in Polymock that allowed the opponent to be killed between rounds.
    * Fixed the timing for exploding doors in dungeons.
    * Fixed a bug that prevented Gron Fierceclaw from taking players' Exquisite Surmia Carvings when they accepted the reward for the "Temple of the Damned" quest.
    * Fixed a bug that prevented players who already own Eye of the North from adding a Guild Wars Platinum Edition key to their account.


    * Players can now unlock Razah’s Ancient armor set by exchanging 1 Ancient Armor Remnant with Johe in the Remains of Sahlahja.
    * Added a merchant to King Jalis's camp in the Battledepths.

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    Yay for Razah armor! But sad about SV and Cyndr.

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    wow anet works fast...

    its been like what..1 week since people mentioned the flash, and razah's armour..

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    I was hoping for something like.. I dunno, making Golden Rin Relics drop?

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    they broke my bonding bear.
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    Crap crap crap crap crap...

    Now I have to go farm 5 more Ancient armor remnants.

    Crap crap crap crap crap...
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    You could kill the polymock opponents in-between fights????

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    and I was just looking at my stash and thinking what I would do with those extra ancient armor remains...

    There nice and pretty

    someone else can handle better lighting, I'm off.
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    Wow, the SV fix on Cynder... I did it just in time!
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