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    Where I get Ski Mask?

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    250 Superb Charr Carvings. It's called a Mask of Mo Zing. That's dyed white. Get grinding!

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    well I got 7 so far. . .


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    More specifically, you get it from collector Vael in Grothmar Wardowns (charr homelands). You have to do some quests before he's a collector though. A lot of Superb Charr Carvings to collect, but I must admit, it looks very cool.

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    This got moved fast. . .

    Usually my pop-culture threads stay longer

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    omg it's storm shadow from g.i. joe! >.<

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    If you check out mesmer armor gallery, the sticked one - it's ironic how black dyed 15k luxon armor (male) with that mask looks more of an assassin (ninja style) than assassins themselves do!!!

    Found it! It's so awesome it makes me want to cry for my sin
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    Hey I've sold about 30 of those to the merch, maybe I'll start keeping them, i'm sure Squid will but them off me for more than 30 gold each!

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    People are buying them for about 200-300 go each, mostly in Doomlore Shrine, so dont sell it to merchant. And about grinding, just from doing some mission at that area, I got about 40 of them.


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    The Terrorist mask looks cool.

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