This appears to have been lost in the archiving process of Gaile's talk page, but I managed to dig it up, and so here it is.

I've completed GW:EN, and I still don't have a clue what the true name of the Charr Homelands is. I think it's pretty safe to assume that it's a name we already know to be that spoilerish in nature, so I suppose this thread is for going through named places that we haven't visited yet (to our knowledge) and seeing if they match up. I'll start with a few:

Home of the Mursaat, and the most talked about of these locations on these forums. Janthir is traditionally described as an island, however, and there is no evidence of any Mursaat whatsoever ever being in the Charr Homelands. There is however, the island that was added with the Eye of the North map update, which will clearly have some purpose in the future, or it wouldn't have been added...

This is the area east of Vabbi, so it's not the Charr Homelands. It does, however, contain lots of Harpies and Heket.

The old capital of Ascalon, before it fell to the Charr. Many prisoners of the Charr were taken there, and points of interest include a portal into the Mists created by Lord Odran, as described here. It is also not clear if it was inside the blast radius of the Searing. However, the only evidence of a human presence in the Charr Homelands is a bridge in Grothmar Wardowns which resembles the old Ascalonian bridges closely. There would be more evidence of a city, were it Drascir (although it may be that the Charr spent the last 8 years tearing down the city, which would beg the question of where the Charr truly come from). There's also no evidence of an entrance to the Rift in the Charr Homelands, although there may be one in an unexplorable area. Besides, it's not nearly spoilery enough to fit the bill.

We also need to consider the possibility that the name has only had even the briefest mention. Remember Abaddon's Mouth? However, it still needs to fit the criteria of being too spoilery to reveal yet.

Does anyone else have any ideas?