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    Option to remove or hide the 'close, minimize' buttons

    Maybe I'm just a retard (99% sure of that ), but I have hit the 'x' by accident and closed Gw's while chasing someone or w.e a good 5-6 times in the middle of a Pvp match.

    Could we please have an option to hide or remove that portion of the interface ?

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    GWOnline.Net Member Talisha's Avatar

    heh.. similar thing happend to me too a couple of times already.. all i wanted was closing the inventory menu.. :O (yeah i know.. "Press I you n00b!"

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    GWOnline.Net Member Nathardia's Avatar

    How the heck did you mange to click in the far upper right corner when chasing someone in PvP? o_O

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    good one, i never close GW like that, because if i do i lose the last progress i made, i always first log out and then close it
    if this will be an option i won't be able to shut down instead of minimize it

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    far shiverpeak

    the legendary alterans

    as an option, wy not...

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    Or you can make that they would appear when you keep your cursor on them like for 1 second.
    I can't believe someone could manage to accidentally hold their mouse on that tiny button and then press it.

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