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    Why were the dragons hibernating/asleep/slumbering in the first place?

    did we ever get some clues as to why they went into hybernation?

    There area few explainations:

    1) Drakkar. in regards to the GW PC gamer mag, they talked about humans finding the dragon sleeping in the lake. they could suggest it was flash frozen or something.

    OR!!! this one was on contrast to the drakkar one

    2) the "water" dragon in the charr lands. in the mag again, in the caption, they explained that the an island grew around the dragon as it slept. grew AROUND it, this is to say it wasn't an instant case, but the dragon is literally sleeping there and the island formed around it.

    so anyway, do we get an explaination as to why they were sleeping in the first place?

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    The popular explanations to 'long dreams' is that they are needed to 'recharge' powers... or to avoid cataclisms.

    Maybe dragons were exhausted (or bored) after a long immortal existence. One dream of hundreds or perhaps thousands of years may allow them to awake 'refreshed', with all their powers replenished.

    The cataclism theory suggests that something happened in the world which forced dragons into their 'dreamstate' in order to survive or endure the circumstances for a long period, only to awake when the environment was more favorable.

    Being such powerful magical creatures ('That statue practically bleeds magic'), maybe the bloodstones are related to the dragons' dissappearance. If the bloodstones were created to control magic, maybe that control affected negatively the very dragons' existence. So they choose to hibernate or hide, in order to withstand the severed link with magic.

    But now that the bloodstones are being recovered and manipulated by humans, proabably weakening that 'magic control', dragons are regaining enough power to awake once more.
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    I doubt that is the purpose of the Bloodstones. We've already been told two other uses for them, I hope they don't reuse them for the next storyline too.
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    A guess

    Quote Originally Posted by CarbonBasedLifeform View Post
    did we ever get some clues as to why they went into hybernation?
    I had the feeling they were forced into hybernation, especially given their tendencies of trying to destroy the world. IMO, someone powerful (the old gods?) just couldn't kill them and just put them to sleep. But I haven't read the magazine yet.


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    Agreed with Erasculio, it is very likely that the dragons were actually imprisoned by the 6 Gods, for reasons we can only speculate about. Only the fact that Primordus was covered by stone [something that doesn't happen by time, and I doubt he did it to himself] proves this theory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyrion Hellcat View Post
    Maybe dragons were exhausted (or bored) after a long immortal existence. One dream of hundreds or perhaps thousands of years may allow them to awake 'refreshed', with all their powers replenished.
    I guess in those parameters Glint may have had the Flame Seeker Prophesies as she slept and woke to prophesize.

    Is there any link between the destruction of Orr and the start time frame of the prophesy? Could the cataclismic effect have woken Glint so she could tell (or hint) the prophesy, just as the changing of the dwarves/destruction of the 'great destroyer' seems to have awaken the other dragon?

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    Orr blew up sometime after The Searing of Ascalon.

    272 AE: Glint tells the Flameseeker Prophecies.
    1070 AE: The Searing

    I think the Cataclysm was in the same year or 1071 AE.

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    Dragons in other fantasy Lore have always had it that it was dangerous to wake a sleeping dragon.

    The dragon goes through regular hibernation cycles that may last centries....common belief is that they hibernate to store up energy to mate.

    the chinese bearded dragon also does a similar thing. they do wake(like a bear) and eat but they do not need as much sustinance. a chinese bearded dragon can hibernate and not eat for 3 months and be perfectly normal. if this translates to dragons and knowing that dragons can live for centries, then a centry is not a long time for a dragon to hibernate.

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    Dragons don't think in hours and minutes, they have a lot more time to waste. A few decades means nothing to them, might as well just have been napping a couple of centuries

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    If the article is to be trusted in this instance, it mentions that this latest period of dormancy is just part of the "cycle" of sleep that the dragons have. This would strongly suggest that going to sleep for extended periods happens all the time for them, and that this last stretch was not necessarily anything out of the ordinary.

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