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    Glyph of Swiftness not working? :S

    hey all, ive been tryng glyph of swiftness, as it says projectiles from spells move 200% faster, it makes me think that for example shock arrow should move 200% faster to target foe right?, well its speed is still the same, maybe i am getting this wrong anyone can tell me what glyph of swiftness objective is?

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    GWOnline.Net Member madape's Avatar

    Well shock arrow already moves quite fast, so maybe it's just hard to see the difference there, but if you try it with for example lightning orb I'm sure it'll work. Also notice it gives 25% recharge reduction eh.


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    GWOnline.Net Member Toge's Avatar

    Bug! This skill will also use up one of its "charges" when you are the target of a spell, be it friend or foe who casts it. An enemy who casts a projectile spell on you will NOT have it move at increased speed, however, if an ally casts a spell this way it will recharge 25% faster. It is unknown at this time whether or not enemy spells receive the lower recharge bonus as well.

    - ANET leaves bug finding and reporting for players. Nice find.

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    lol thx alot for info ppl, so far the ONLY spell that worked between flare /lighting orb /shock arrow /fireball /lighting javelin was lighting javelin but it only moved twice as fast instead of 3 times
    and no it is not hard to notice just think the shock arrow moving 3 times faster,

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