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    The trouble with player groups

    The trouble with player groups that I have is twofold:

    Sometimes you have to waste your time for half hour or even more to just stand around trying to get into a group, sometimes days if you want to do something specific
    Then you eventually get into a group and there are 'leavers' or they don't qualify for quest and you start all over again
    Others in group try to dictate what skills you are supposed to be using and some are even extremely rude
    If you played a char since prophecies, all of the many quests and missions, surely you by now know how to play your char unless you bought your account on ebay or are really dumb
    To then be abused and dictated to by some bimbos or kids or whatever what skills you have to use or get 'kicked' is sickening
    (for instance a monk told my mesmer to put in either necro or ele skills rather than mesmer skills - of course got kicked when I did not oblige)

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    This is another incarnation of bad sport players or people that really don't understand a class other than the cookie cutter builds they find on the internet.
    It's an online game and there's nothing you can do about it, other than post here and complain but that still won't get you far. As for me, I rarely go into battle without a Mez with mez skills (guildy or hero).

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    Yes, PUGs are both the best and the worst of the game...

    Grouping up for the Cyndr quest - was in one really fussy group and got kicked because I made a little mistake with my build - they could've told me first... Then joined a much less fussy group and we did it quite easily... was FUN!

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    Pretty much sums up my problems with PUGs.

    The endless time wasting... both to get a group together and the constant breaks while playing toilet/food/phone etc.

    Plus this narrow minded cookie cutter thing and who's to tell me what skills to use in what order. I haven't the time or the patience to be told how to play what to do or to listen to abuse/name calling.

    I've completed Proph, Factions and NF all missions and bonuses/masters with H/H. Ones I've done with friends or guildies I've redone with H/H.

    Playing for fun means I'll play what I want when I want how I want

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    Hence why a lot of people don't like PuG's and avoid them like the plague. ;)

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    Bad PUGs are a problem in any MMO but they arent nearly as bad in other games as they are in GW. The design of this game just magnifies the problems with PUGs.

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    Every now and then I get into a PUG, yes it's nice to see what builds other people are using but I'd never try and tell another person to change something on thier builds. Also 1 of my biggest put offs for PUGs since I play a ranger is the group goes "Pull" and instead of giving me room to pull the creature(s) away from the group they crowd in. I've lost several quest/missions getting into the wrong group. Don't get me wrong, sometimes PUGs can be fun, but sometimes...... they are like the white rabbits in Gwen.

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    Yesterday I made a guild team for Stygian Veil (DOA). We couldn't find enough people, so we got a random SS from the district. The guy insisted that we reordered. (Why would a SS care what the party order is anyway?) So I asked the monks if they felt a reorder was needed.

    Monks: "No, we can manage it just fine"

    So, I thought, good. I hate the reordering nonsense. And we'd been trying to get a party together long enough. Yet the SS insisted. "Reorder noobs, for the monks and bip!" So I told him: "I'm the bip, and I can manage this just fine. And I just asked the monks, and they think it's fine too"

    Yet he continued. So I just entered the Stygian Veil already. Then he left the party immediately. We had to zone back and get a new SS without an attitude problem.

    Again we didn't reorder. And we did just fine this time around.

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    i like the pugs where no one talks about skills and just press enter to start the mission :>

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    I have given up.

    I was stuck at Hells Precipice, Raisu Palace and Gate of Madness for months and thought I would never complete any of the games... Every time I tried with a group, the first time someone dies, 3 people leave the group.

    A friend took pity on me and he tried to find groups, for a week same thing happened every time we tried, so he got fed-up and we went with a party of 4 on both precipice and madness, and completed them on the first attempt. Since, with the right set of henchies and being very coordinated, he and I have succeeded the same missions with 2 real players and heroes on multiple occasions with different professions.

    I've yet to find a mission in any of the games (haven't completed EN yet though) that can't be beaten with heroes and 2-3 players. We do plan what heroes to take, and what builds are most suited for that particular mission, just as you would with real players.

    It is a shame, because it is the social aspect of playing together with people that first made me interested in the game. But with the very fast levelling up in Factions you saw people very late in the game who still hadn't grasped how to use their skills (seeing ele's using costly monk skills, players insisting on taking pets but not putting attributes in them and being surprised when they die because their skills are disabled most of the time and so on) and many who didn't know what runes were. In Nightfall I felt many had completely lost the concept of team play, because they generally didn't need to form full teams till desolation or vortex, as everything before then is easily done with heroes and just a few players. Because of this, when you reach the really tough end missions, people just weren't capable of interacting and communicating anymore, and the minute someone dies or gets too trigger happy, instead of stepping back and regenerate for a minute, half the team zones out. The number of times I've done the first half of Gate of Madness and then lost half the team because a monk goes afk or a warrior gets himself killed...

    It is a shame that it is like this. I don't mind sharing my builds, I am willing to change, especially if I'm on a mission I haven't done before and someone has a reasonable suggestion. But with the time you spend setting up the team and listening to people argue about SS or SV indefinitely, just to start the mission and then /resign within 5 minutes to recruit 3 new players and by the time you've found 3, another 2 have left...

    Bleh! This is a dark picture. There are of course exceptions, I have had some nice groups every now and then of course, so it isn't all bad. But I'm glad we have guilds and friends lists...

    I'll make an exception for the Deep. The elite areas in general are easier to find teams for, maybe because people who make it that far know what they are doing, or aren't afraid to ask!

    /end rant...
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