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    Forum/Social Question

    Ok I'm not sure 100% sure this is where I post this but I have a really stupid question.... (please correct me if this is not the place, and sorry)

    How do I meet people in real life that play GW? I know one guy but he moved an I have no way of getting in touch with him and the other person I know doesnt really play anymore.

    I'm just tired of playing with people in Austrialia that I have no idea who they are

    So any good way to meet people in my area that play?

    Sorry about this.... I know I'm a desperate loser but that's also why I'm so good at this game

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    You could try posting in the "Player Match-up" forum?

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    Join an Australian guild?
    Get to know your guildmates?
    Build trust, so you can perhaps exchange RL names?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorani View Post
    Join an Australian guild?
    Get to know your guildmates?
    Build trust, so you can perhaps exchange RL names?
    Uhm...I don't think Sauron is actually from Australia, i think he was being sarcastic.

    I think he was basically saying "Why do I always have to play with people from half-way around the world? Why can't I find someone closer to home?" (which IMO is a rather cloistered and anti-social thought, but hey, to each their own)

    Just out of curiosity, Sauron, where are you from anyway? Answering may prove to be beneficial, you're gonna have to let people know where you are anyway if you want to meet any "locals" Do you have any RL friends you can recruit into the game?

    I personally don't like the idea due to security concerns, but maybe consider a 'net cafe?
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    yeah, sorry I guess I wasn't clear enough, I'm not from Austrailia, I was indeed being sarcastic. I am from the US- Tucson, AZ. I just wanted to be able to talk to people out here in the real world about GW related stuff, and have someone trustworthy to play with. (IE Duo farm, Officer for guild, etc)

    Additionally one can only assume that if both people play GW they may have more in common as well, and I was just looking to build some friendships. (most of my friends went out of state or upstate for college, and I don't know many people anymore)


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    You can do what I've done. I chat with people through local chats and join their parties. I've gotten to know a few people and we've exchanged skype names.

    When we are or are not playing, we sometimes chat on skype. I've gotten to know people in the US and in England fairly well. You just have to go on faith sometimes and trust people are honest.

    If you want to meet them face-to-face, it will be difficult to find others in this great world of Tyria, but if you go from place to place asking if people are from Tusco, AZ, you may find others from that city. From there, you can chat with them and get to know them better.

    I'm happy so far my experiences within GW have been very positive with regards to people's friendliness.

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