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    The Order of Dii [Dii]

    Wow, KadinVyce. That was fantastic, and so sad too. Nice work!

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    the redo of my prolouge.. features a Japanese style wedding, obviously i cant say the characters having Japanese style wedding (more like canthan style) using tradtional wedding outfit so i guess i'll put a very short glossary at the top so i don't get flamed (BTW Japanese wedding dresses aint the same as western wedding dresses)

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    Hey i was just wondering, is it ok to post more then one story in this thread, or is there a limit?

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    I don't think it'd be a problem, it's meant for stand alone pieces. If it's part of a series you'd be better off with your own thread.

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    For the sake of keeping a promise, this time one I gave Shadowhand:

    Onethousandsevenhundredthree snowflakes… onethousandsevenhundredfour snowflakes…
    I am bored.
    Onethousandsevenhundredfive snowflakes… Onethousandsevenhundredsix snowflakes…
    Did I mention yet that I am bored?

    Not to mention that I am freezing, despite my plumage. Can a phoenix catch a cold? Probably I should have done a little research beforehand, but when Mallyx sent transformed Margonites as spies to Kaineng I did not expect to spend the rest of my life in this form. Oh well, at least I am still alive, unlike the other demons who had been transformed into Temple Guardians and been sent to Tahnnakai Temple.

    Then again… spending the rest of my life in these ice-covered mountains does not exactly equal having a ball, either.

    In the beginning there were at least the occasional Grawl patrols showing up here at the Temple of Grenth, but sadly they tend to avoid this place now. So the only thing left to do is counting snowflakes while my master is getting drunk.

    Aaand onethousandsevenhundredseven snowflakes… aaand onethousandsevenhundredeight snowflakes…

    I really need to do something about this. I am tied to my master by Melandru’s magic, so wandering off is not an option, and as much as I hate to admit it – I kind of like him.

    Furthermore, he saved my life. When this mean little assassin girl realized that there was something strange about me and tried to kill me he stopped her by using Melandru’s magic on me to turn me into his companion, rendering me immune against her attacks. Ironically the girl had an animal companion, too, a phoenix nonetheless, a female bird named Rainbow, but that one was a real animal, not a demon in disguise. The girl and my master were a couple, and for a while my life was interesting while the two were travelling the world together. I still fondly remember the fights we got into. Succeeding against all odds made me feel powerful again, allowed me forget the loss of my demonic powers.

    Then, one day, the girl went to Cantha to visit her parents. In the meantime my master was searching for a patch of land where they could settle down.
    It never happened.

    The ship the girl travelled on sank during a storm and she never returned.
    After searching for her in the vain hope she may have survived without success, my master went to the Temple of Grenth at Lornarr Pass, and it seems we came here to stay. The only occasion when we leave this place for a short while is if my master runs out of alcohol and needs to buy new ale at Beacon’s Perch. I wonder when he will realize that it is way more often the case than it should be…

    “Have you seen the ale?”

    Uh-oh. Guess I jinxed it…

    I am giving him an angelically innocent look while trying to hide the wineskin without spreading my wings too much. Luckily my master is way too drunk once again to pay proper attention to his surroundings and just turns around to search for the money.

    That was close. I really need to be more careful next time when stealing the wineskin and dragging it outside the temple walls. My original intention in placing the ale there was to lure curious Grawls near and start a fight. It never really worked since my master lost the interest in fighting them after he had cleared the immediate temple area. At least by taking the ale they force my master to visit Beacon’s Perch again sooner than expected. Not that there is anything special about that place, but I am so bored that even Beacon’s Perch seems exciting.

    Usually there are very few people there, some human merchants, who replaced the Dwarven merchants, and every now and then a handful of half-frozen travellers.

    Today I discover one other person there, a slim, blonde woman writing on a parchment. Every now and then she readjusts the shawl she is using to shield parchment and ink from snowflakes. While my master is staggering towards the nearest merchant, I try to get a glimpse at what she is writing. Not that it matters anymore, but after all, gathering information about humans is what I am here for, so why not fulfil the task. It may be futile now, but I have nothing better to do anyway.

    Of course the woman notices me approaching, despite my attempt to be as inconspicuous as possible which is quite a task if one is looking like an exploded rainbow. Looking up from her notes she is raising an eyebrow while facing me with a stern impression on her face.

    “Are you not in the wrong place?”

    Girl, you have no idea how true that is.

    “Nice try, demon, but I am not fooled that easily. Go back to Elona. Shoo.”
    Emphasizing her words waving her hand in my direction she turns her attention back to the parchment again.

    It is a reflex, I just cannot help but ask: “How did you know?”

    “I am able to see the truth behind an illusion. And now please leave.”
    Again the waving gesture, but this time she slows down the motion while knitting her brows.
    “What are you doing here anyway?”

    “Been sent here to gather information that became redundant with Abaddon’s demise. Ended up being someone’s pet. No, I do not have any special demonic abilities while in this shape and it seems that I am stuck inside this body for the rest of my life, bored out of my right mind while my master, who was a fighter until he lost his purpose in life when the woman he loved went missing, keeps sitting in front of the Temple of Grenth getting drunk.” Taking a breath. “In short, sucks to be me. And you, what are you doing here?”

    “Now why would I tell a demon…”
    She stops and sighs.
    “Oh well. Currently I am on holiday, visiting my old home continent to have a look at the impact the rise and defeat of the Great Destroyer had on it. I will have to go back to Kaineng again in a few days though. I have opened an orphanage there, and while I know that my Canthan helpers are doing an excellent job in caring for the children I do not want to be absent for too long.”

    “Children. Children are cute.”
    Okay, maybe not so clever trying to pretend that I care. But hey, I am desperate. Just not very successful in sounding convincing.

    “Do you really want me to believe that you care?”

    “If that helps to extend the duration of our conversation then yes, I do want you to believe that I care.”

    “You are really desperate, are you not?”


    For a moment, there is the shadow of a smile on the woman’s face.
    She peers around underneath the shawl.

    “Is that your master over there?”
    She nods in the direction of a tall, shadowy figure stumbling down the stairs.


    The woman grabs her backpack and puts the parchment, the ink vial and the quill away, ties the shawl around her shoulders and puts a smile on her face while walking straight towards my master. The smile fades with every step, until she is standing in front of the man with a stern, reproachful look.

    “Good afternoon, Sir, pleased to meet you. My name is Aamu, Aamu Kaste. And please excuse my frankness, but you really should not drink that much!”

    My master blinks while trying to focus his vision on her.
    “Pleased to meet you, too… I guess…”

    “Anyway”, she manages the smile back upon her face, “I was wondering whether I could hire you as a guard on my way through the Shiverpeaks, Mister… Mister…”

    “Name’s Ymoto”, my master mumbles,
    “an’ actually I am not interested…”

    “Your help would be very much appreciated and I would pay well.”

    I sidle up to him, whispering:
    “Just think of all the booze you could buy with the payment.”

    The woman’s gaze almost freezes me on the spot.
    “I am trying to help you here, but you on the other hand are not helping by making inappropriate suggestions as to what to spend the gold on!”
    She turns back to my master.
    “Your decision, Sir?”

    “More booze – sounds okay…”

    “You really should consider spending the money on something more worth while. May I recommend books to increase your knowledge, to render it more precisely, knowledge not related to how to put other people from life to death.”
    Depreciatory look.
    “I am sure that is something you are very knowledgeable in already.”

    My master tries to take a sip from the wineskin, but the woman grabs his arm leading him towards the gate to Deldrimor Bowl.

    “By the way, do you know any good bedtime stories? I do not know why, but children seem to love scary stories, and somehow I think that you are exactly that kind of person who could provide plenty of scary stories…”

    A few weeks later, we settled down at Kaineng.

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    Please forgive me if this has been asked before, but what happened to the fanfiction forum? I don't think there's been only 3 pages worth of stories, and I have some problems finding older ones :(

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    If you scroll down to the bottom, there should be a box labeled Display Options, change the setting on From The to Beginning, and it should show all the pages of stories. If not, go to User CP->Edit Options->Scroll down to Thread Display Options then change the Default Thread Age Cut Off to Show All Threads. Hope that helps.

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    That did the trick for me, thanks a lot :) (Apologies for not noticing that)

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    Afflicted intrigue...?

    Hi guys

    I'm not sure how much interest there is in this, but i am just beginning to get stuck into a new part in my "Adventures of an Afflicted" story, which was posted on here not long ago.

    I just wanted to let people know that there is something new in the pipeline if anyone liked the original four parts and was hoping for some more. If not, well its coming out soon anyway, so tough :P

    Have fun


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    Get stuck on hold with a bank, write doggerel about the norn. I am completely normal!

    Griselda Irunsdottir's Tale

    We norn ice-brave and ice-forged
    We norn the aurora first blessed
    Bear’s daughter and leopard’s son
    We norn speak and are not forgotten

    From far and lost Sifhalla I came
    My mighty deeds brought me fame
    I eschewed armor’s weakling clasp
    A heart free of steel, fear cannot grasp

    No hunt’s quarry evaded my quick bow
    No nighttime chase’s chill ate my bone
    I slept in the mountain’s shadow
    The snow my bed, the rock my pillow

    Listen to my tale as I grow old
    Foolish death, mirthless and cold
    You cannot silence valor and honor
    Hear me, I am Griselda Irunsdottir

    Scores of years in echoed time
    Have passed since I was in my prime
    Follow me on my path, from peak to glen
    To the bright ice lake and sodden fen

    I liked most to wander the ice lake
    To gaze in wonder upon the drake
    The enemies upon its icy shore
    I hewed and tormented by the score

    One evening by starlight’s icy stare
    I roamed that land, hunting without a care
    Then, ringing through the midnight land
    A great crack, a glow like a burning brand

    I knew of Jormag’s mighty curse
    To put a norn’s power in reverse
    I fled up the cliffs but not in fear
    But to see what might appear

    The ice shivered and shattered asunder
    Shards shimmered, a great thunder
    The mother of waters spilled from the lake
    And roaring its might arose the drake

    To see its majesty, the crown of its might
    The width of its body filled all my sight
    Even in my valor I could not begin to know
    How a mite such as I should battle such a foe

    Jormag rose further still, whipping its great tail
    The water frothed and leaped, rising ever up the vale
    From the first I had thought myself invulnerable
    But as waters roared, wild beasts fled innumerable

    I ran among them, with centaur and reindeer
    I ran with my shame upon me, I bowed to fear
    The waters roared from the deep, rock broke
    It was as if Raven had unveiled his final joke

    All that terrible night I recall as a nightmare
    I outran the beasts - all fell to Jormag’s snare
    Even when dawn revealed the reformed world
    I kept to my heels, my voice wailed like a girl

    Where is my family? I cried to the peak
    Now there are few of Sifhalla who can speak
    I journey alone with the burden of shame
    I am Griselda who let fear sully her name

    Locked in ice, my kin shall not grow old
    They’ll be long remembered for being bold
    Listen now to the lesson that I tell
    The coward lives on, but none too well
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