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    Question RF Online... Free

    RF Online is now officially free. I checked it out a bit when it came out for the scifi aspects but I've never played it. Has ayone played it? How is it? Is there too much grind?

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    Ya i played it. It's a pretty big download and the grind is bad. Even from lvl 1 leveling takes it's time. The graphics are average and the enviroments arn't that amazing either. But there are a few classes and races and the sci fi theme is nice. Theres a few things you can do other then fight. Such as mining. But that takes no skill cause all you have to do is click, go afk for like 15 mins and come back.

    Its not amazing but it is slightly addictive.

    If you have alot of time and don't mind grinding for an hours then try it. Its mostly like any other free game out there thats focused around grinding just a little more polished.

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    a) Graphics aren't that great (sure, they're somewhat decent, most "Korean-style" MMOs have at least somewhat passable graphics, but the interface doesn't look "clean" if you know what I mean - annoying to read pixel fonts, windows that can't easily be moved, et cetera.

    b) Grind, and plenty of it.

    c) Controls are clunky, and the UI isn't really intuitive.

    d) Tutorial is very brief, not very informative beyond basic interaction with the game.

    e) Missions are rather lacking in direction, and are mostly your typical "kill X of Y" or "get # of Z".

    It sounds a bit scathing, and perhaps there are elements that are good, but my impression on trying it out was that it wasn't really worth the time investment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aiiane View Post
    b) Grind, and plenty of it.
    Let me guess at what kind of quests it offers: "OH NO! Our town's precious little shiny thing has gone missing because I was too thick to lock it up properly! Can you go out and spank 50 <insert bereft-of-imagination monster name here> so we can get it back?"

    I... think I'll pass.

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