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    Anyone has an idea on the drop rate of Golden Rin Relic and Diessa Chalice?

    The title speaks for itself. Thanks !!!

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    I have only gotten 1 golden rin relic on 3 runs through the dungeon. And the one that did drop was from the end chest.

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    I heard the drop rate of Golden Rim is about 1 drop every 50 dungeons.
    Obviously the drop rate of diessa is much higher.

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    The drop-rate is very low. I have found 1 Diessa thingie so far. But I haven't been farming for them. I played the quest a few times for all of my characters.


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    very very low for me :( i only got 1 diessa so far, and i have done a lot of dungeons, specially the cath of flames, because a guildie wanted the green axe.

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    Check the discussion section of the pages for Diessa Chalices and Golden Rin Relics on GuildWiki- there are quite a few people who have posted their personal experience with drop rates there.

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