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    I actually believe the Dragons excel, or are even the source of, the God's powers. It wouldn't be too surprising that, for me, the Gods left Tyria because of the fear of dragons, or for fear of reprisal. Or maybe just genuinely because they had bugger-all left to do. Who knows?

    But here's a thought, that might suggest the rise of the original Gods... What if the mortals once slayed a dragon? Or at least put them into their hibernated state? In almost all cultures there's a slew of dragon-slaying tales, and it's a big part of the fantasy genre for that reason.

    And if dragons would happen to rise once more, that a new group of heroes should rise to defeat them isn't too hard to imagine in the greater scheme of things.

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    the only reason we killed abaddon because he was weak when we killed him, when the gods fought him he didnt ahve 60% DP, mmkay?

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    Here's how I see it; the gods are withdrawing because they are weaker than the dragons, this is undeniable. I mean Kormir is new so she doesn't know what she's doing really, Grenth as the god of Death one of the most imposing of gods is relatively new as well as he took over from Dhuum more recently than not in probably much the same way as Kormir took over from Abaddon.

    The other gods too probably all went through the whole hostile take over thing. Whereas the dragons are the original, they've not reproduced really they were just created somehow, be it by the old old gods, the same way the more current gods created Glint, or by appearing from another world or plane of existence. The gods though are backing off because they can't take them on plain and simple. I mean it took all the newer gods to take on and wrestle down ONE other slightly older god, and even then they couldn't kill him and surplant him, they had to lock him up and wait for us to do that. The dragons are bad news for the gods plain and simple.

    Also let's take a look at the state of belief in Tyria at the moment shall we? "No gods for the Charr!" Well that's a bit of a no-brainer. The Norn believe in their nature spirits more than they believe in the gods. The Sylvari don't even really know the gods are there until told about them because they're so new to the show. The Asura are scientists more than anything else so don't really care that much about the affairs of the divine. The dragons themselves don't believe in them, they know they're their, there's a difference there. Then there's us, the humans, some of us believe in the gods, some still feel the Mursaat/Unseen Ones are gods. So ultimately overall belief in the gods of Tyria is in massive decline.

    Ultimately the gods have two reasons to withdraw, they fear and can't fight the dragons and no one's believing in them anymore.

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    i think the gods could not kill Abaddon, "a descicion only a mortal can make" , i think they couldnt not kill him, because his powers cant be lost, bit like davy jones from piretes, the Powers of Secret and water must have a god, and only a mortal can take them. and well those 5 gods are not mortal(i think), so they cant "kill" him.

    other story: with everything the gods created on tyria a bit of dark energy was released, and then after they struck down Abaddon, a massive amount was released that manifested in a being, a being even darker and more powerfull than Abaddon. even the 5 gods united couldnt deveat it, so they locked it away, but the only way to seal it is to use their own lifeforce as seal.
    they had no choise to leave, their own lifeforce was used to power the seal. also gives a reason why they didnt help with Abaddon or with the great destroyer.
    didnt the lore stated that the great destroyer and the great dwarf would fight again?, but instead WE fought the destroyer, where was that great dwarf?, he probaly was balthazar so he was sealed away, he couldnt help.
    (sidenote:maybe the Mursaat worship this unseen entity)
    or maybe this entity was the fallen god abaddon removed from existance,and returned after abaddon was inprisoned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANewMachine View Post
    Why think this? Well, for starters, we killed Abbadon, and put a mortal in his place. Think about that. Abbadon, who the gods themselves only imprisoned, and imperfectly at that, was murdered at the hands of eight mortals, and replaced with one of their heroes.
    Abaddon showed to be the only original god, at least that's the belief, which means the other 6 ascended and quite possibly were all human. If the only god, member of the Pantheon, was Abaddon who died at the hands of a mortal; shows that even the originals are not invincible. What Kormir showed was this and perhaps it revealed to the rest of Elona that the gods are not invincible and attained power through the same manner. Which would put anybody lusting for power who was strong enough to gather a large group and attempt to hunt down any god they choose in order to take the thrown.

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    Abaddon showed to be the only original god, at least that's the belief
    Abaddon attained his power from disposing an unown earlier god, so he was not 'original' either.

    and i think, we could only kill him because he was captured and chained, and assumed to be 'invulnerable' when not chained( i still conciser reversal of damage damaging him whil not chained a bug, and not how it should be)
    (like a mice biting a chained lion,lion vant do almost anything back and after enough biting the lion will die)

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