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    Johtun in HM (Vanquishing)

    These damn things nearly got me beat. I have started to vanquish EOTN have setup various H/H builds with no success against these things.

    Any tips i am a monk main.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Bring an earth ele hero with ward of stability, ward against melee
    bring an SS necro with the usual SS necro line-up-- including enfeebling blood

    Pain inverter triggers for every person that is affected by their giant stomp so that's, theoretically, 8 times the damage returned for every time they try to own you with it.

    Since you're a monk, if you're running protection prayers, take shield of deflection, guardian, and mend condition to quickly expel weakness from your party so you guys dont get oppressive gaze spiked.

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    You need as much block as you can get vs Jotun... the hexes can be a pita and the Warriors may have Irrisistable. But the casters wanding does just as much as the damn Warriors hammers... and if they get started they usually wipe the team faster than the Warriors ever could because no-one bothers to blind/weaken them.

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