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    Having Fun in AB

    Hey all, i am mostly a PvE player, but yesterday i wanted to try AB for the fun of it, and wow, its very fun

    ive been using the Shadow prison pvxbuild (bit noob but i dont know any other good ones)

    any tips? on builds? attrubuites?

    i want to stay as a assassin btw and ive been using Shiros Blades for attacking and a normal 15^50 20/20 +30 for regening....

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    I'd suggest sticking to spiking builds like the SP build. Try switching SP for another Elite like Aura of Displacement, or Shattering Assualt. When spiking, it's usually best to use a 4 chain combo like O-D-O-D. The other slots are used to fulfill the requirements for the Off-hands, utility and for self preservation.

    This is what I usually use in AB.

    CS: 11+1+1
    DM: 12+1
    SA: 6+1 (I think)

    Mark of Instability
    Aura of Displacement {E}
    Black Lotus Strike
    Twisting Fangs
    Falling Spider
    Blades of Steel
    Feigned Neutrality
    Dash/Dark Escape

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