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    Awful Dating Experiences

    Rob Van Der Sloot was kind enough to share one of his experiences over at that thread of Kain's - http://guildwars.incgamers.com/forum...6&postcount=58

    I thought it'd be fun to share our experiences... sorry if this have been done.

    One of my favorite dating stories to share would be from my freshman year in college. It was the spring break and due to certain issues and monetary reasons I stayed behind on the campus. It may sounds lame but it's, surprisingly, a lot of fun. Stories of turning vending machines on its top but that's for some other thread. This junior girl came up to me and asked if I'd like to go out with her for St. Patrick's Day. I've met her during the first week of that fall semester and had some mutual acquaintances. I wasn't even remotely interested in her but back in those days I was very shy about interacting with girls in romantic sense so it was nice to see a girl taking an interest in me especially a junior while I'm a freshman. I'll even go as far as to admit the possibility of getting some action occurred to me. Disclaimer: Trust me, I've grown a bit since my college days .

    I met her at her dorm room and we headed over to Georgetown (this was in DC). She wanted UNO's which I wasn't crazy about but I'm not the one to make a fuss over things like that. However she wanted to sit in the smoking section - I forgot she's a smoker. I tried to persuade her to sit in the non-smoking area, I'm not fond of eating while breathing in second-hand smoking. She insisted and I didn't want to whine about it so I gave in. However she did keep to her promise to not smoke during the meal so I have to give her that.

    The dinner was very boring and mind-numbing - we had absolutely nothing in common and I even started to wonder if there's anything other than air in her head. Afterwards, she went to the bathroom where she stayed for a long time - about half hour. During that time I was sitting in the smoking section getting increasingly annoying with every minute passing by. Then it came to me - one of our common friends confided in me that she had an eating disorder where she pukes out her meals.

    Sure enough when she came back to the table, I could smell her vomit and I noted her teeth has signs of acidic corrosions from prior puking incidents. At that time I was completely annoyed and didn't want to waste any further time with her so I told her I'd like to return to the campus, feigning an illness.

    Didn't see her again until few years later and I don't know what she's up to those days. I do wish her the best, having an eating disorder is rough. Anyway I know my story is probably lame and I'm sure many of you have even more interesting stories so.... share?

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    Wow, thats was one rough first date. There were soo many turn off with the gal that I would have probably left her the tab and headed on home, lol.

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    Since I already shared a terrible dating experience, I'll also share a really good dating experience. But since it was so absurd I figured I'd mention it in this topic anyway.

    A few years ago I met a girl on a train, and it felt like we knew each other... yet we didn't. Of course this lead to the cliché phrase "don't I know you from somewhere?", but in this case it was quite sincere. Anyway, turned out we had really never met before. We decided to exchange email adresses, 'cause we kind of hit it off right there.

    A few days pass, and eventually we speak again via MSN. We decide to have a drink at a local cafe, and the date is on.

    The date starts out pretty normal. There's the basic "getting-to-know-each-other's-interests". Typical first date stuff. But after a few hours I'm really starting to wonder if she's interested beyond just the drink. I can't really get a good reading... and as it turns out, neither can she. We end up both waiting for the other to make a move. Finally, after talking for hours, there's a sudden silence. We look each other deep in the eyes... and wham! A kiss that lasts several hours (across the table, which is very uncomfortable I can tell you).

    So far the story kinda follows the basic plot of a "TomHanks-meets-MegRyan" movie, but this is where it gets odd. After our drinks and smooches it turns out she has this huge ehm.... wet spot on her pants. And it was NOT because she had to go potty. I'm not making this up. Anyone ever had this on a first date?

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    Too many to recount. But one of my favorites was when I asked a girl out for a drink, we got to the pub and she started talking to another guy she knew. No big deal, until she introduced him to me as her husband.

    By the way, Rob, that story has a rather...suggestive ending. I would like to request that we don't go too much farther down the road of bizarre sexual experiences, and stick to a relatively G-rating.

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    No one particular date that was bad, though i tried to think of something half interesting.

    I just remember an exgirlfriend coming to my birthday party... I think her presence was due to my friend now dating her friend. My ex was accompanied her current boyfriend. We were amicable like good young folk, then he left early?

    She tried to get close and I simple ignored it, although i should have bluntly stopped it.
    After tthat night in conversation (go go intranets) she tried to play myself off against her current boyfriend. Though i was to have no piece of it. She had wronged me twice before and i really wanted nothing more than to get along.

    The first time i showed a hint backbone. I can't remember and now that i think of it I look back with disappointment.

    Also i did the date the girl you work with trick, to be honest after, it didn't worry me but it worried her and her behavior around me was very agitating. Then she made sure i overheard her tales of her weekend adventures. I don't even know if they were true, I mean, she drove a Coupe.
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    Mine isn't exactly dating experience... but anywau this accident happened several years ago, when I had just started my studies in University. I had kinf of rush to find an apartment before my studies begun so everything was ok.

    I ended up sharing this apartment with 2 other male students. One night they were going to have some fun but as I had to study to exam I had the following day I didn't take part to their activities - I sure hear them conversating each other and - this is important - with some women which I did not saw before they leave to go bar.

    I studied all night and went to sleep. My friends came back away after midnight, when I was haviing good sleep in my room ( we each had a own room but had to share bathroom and kithcen ).

    I woke up when I heard them talking - and to my suprise I heard a woman voice too, and of course I thought that it was some of the girls that were there earlier, so I continue sleeping.

    Some time later my door opened, I woke up and saw a girl, standing in the doorway. Still sleepy, I though she must have came to wrong room, I told her she was in wrong room, and she should go away, which she did.

    I continue sleeping ( again ) and again I woke up - this time the girl was next to my bed, took of her clothes, said ( I translate ) "I'll sleep here" and without waiting any response came next to me in bed.

    I went quite speechless ( I was young, shy and to be honest quite sleepy, though my awareness was caming back rapidly ) I was thinking hard what to to say, and just when I was about to ask her what in the earth she was doing there, she start talking, and a here's a quick translation of her words:
    "My friends are here soon, and most likely here will be a fight..." this comment made me speechless again.

    I wondered whether she was talking of fellows I was sharing the apartment and if so was she girlfriend of either of them ( there was pretty dark too so I coudn't see a thing ). I was still thinking these things when she said "I did not came here for sex, just to sleep ,u know" however at the same time she put he hand in to my trousers which was quite a suprise for me... I think my mouth opened, then I closed it again thinking I must look very stupid mouth open, unable to say a word. Then I thought she can't see anyway if my mouth is open or not or how stupid I might look at so my mouth opened again. This point I was quite ready to ask her what the H*** she was doing, but just then ( like click ) she passed out ( her breath was quite, well, intoxicated to say it politely - the smell also indicated that she must have been puked only bit earlier ).... and I had no longer the problem what to say.

    I wondered the situation a little while, get up, find a spare pillow and a blanket in the darkness, lifted her out of the bed, out her head on the pillow and the put the blanket on her. Then i went to my bed, looked that she was really sleeping, and fell asleep myself.

    Next morning I woke up way before her, and drove her home with my car when I left to school. She had no money or homekeys, so she had to call my cellphone to her frends even to to get in her home...

    After that I never saw her again.

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    When I was 18 or 19 I'd been dating a guy for some time when we went out and met up with a bunch of people. I got chatting to a guy I knew so my then-boyfriend (who had drunk too much) decided to try to make me jealous by chatting up a 15 year old girl.

    My male friend offered to drive us both back home so I gratefully said yes. Drunk boyfriend was muttering/swearing to himself the whole time and actually opened the car door while it was moving nearly causing an accident! I got male friend to drop him off first and then apologised profusely the whole way home.

    Drunk boyfriend became ex-boyfriend shortly afterwards. It was the last in a long line of disastrous dates, including the one where he left me sitting on my own in a cafe that was trying to close for ages while he went to the bathroom, the one where I caught him staring at my friend's boobs and the one where he threw up on me in a taxi.

    Mind you, after that I went out with another guy. I made it quite clear that I just wanted to be friends but he was obviously under the impression that he could win me over. He took me to see 'Titanic' and he spent half the movie crying. It wasn't a date (except in his mind) but that was pretty uncomfortable.

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    My story cannot be topped for weirdness:

    A couple years ago, a friend set me up with a guy who took me to a local amusement park. He was very nice, but we clearly had no chemistry. At the end he confesses that he wanted to have one last date with a girl because he was planning on having a sex change.

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    One of my dates (30th date with the guy or so) had a most hilarious ending... We had gotten to a hot-and-heavy point where we couldn't make out enough, and one morning, I get a call. It's my bf, and he's laughing hard and says I absolutely have to come over.

    What do I find? Apparently things got a little out-of-hand, and one entire side of neck was covered in hickeys. (Oops.) I guess I hadn't been paying attention, and it wasn't the neat little love bite it usually is. I laughed as hard as he did, and to this day, I still get caught in a fit every time I remember it.

    His roommates gave him hell taunting him about his "play," and he seemed to display his neck with what could almost be pride. We had classes together, and he was the center of attention for awhile. That wasn't the worst though... we went to visit his mother that weekend, and it was easily the most embarassing weekend of my life.

    Since then... such an incident has never repeated itself. My love bites are neat... and not in such easily visible places!
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    Can't say i've ever been on a 'date' but i shall re-tell a story in which i completely turned a girl off me.

    It all started in france, it was a school 5 day outing to some place near Lille and there were 20 boys and 20 girls. One of those girls i had kinda liked for quite some time so i thought...'now is better than any other time i suppose'.

    Basically, we went to belgium on one of the days and i got her a nice (expensive (for me)) box of chocolates, and i wrote her a nice little poem about her to go with it.

    I had it delivered to her by a guy i was sharing the room we were in with who kinda knew her.

    When she discovered it, she thought i was just taking the mik (slang for 'making fun of') and closed the door, leaving it outside. A teacher saw it and gave her it, and a nearby student who was in on the whole thing confirmed that it was for real.

    We went down to our evening meal and she didn't turn up. Apparently i had embarresed her to the point that she was crying and couldn't bear to come out of her room. (OOPS)

    Then back at school a chav in our year group finds out about it and tells her that i said i wanted to do some rather...disgusting...things to her. That ticked me off, and had he not been expelled that same week for a more serious issue, i would have hit him.

    Ever since that time she has avoided me. If we had to stand in a queue together, she would place one of her friends between us.

    I dare say i've learned quite a bit from that experience.

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