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Poll: What element are you?

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    What element are you?

    What element are you?


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    Mostly earth, sometimes water, seldom fire or air.

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    Water all the way.

    The sight of a Dervish Destroyer frozen to place is something that warms my heart.

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    I am "spectral"

    I still play a lot of Fire, with Earth and Water getting a good share too. I seldom play Air.

    Since I can only pick one (and no "ranking" is allowed), I picked Fire.
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    I'd think most eles here play multiple attributes so the better question would be "which element do you play most often?"

    I know I switch elements & builds depending on the situation, but I guess I've been playing with Earth & Water the most recently. I'd like to play water more often but I'm still capturing elites & buying skills to get a potent build together

    So yeah, earth for me


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    Fire, not for the nuke or anything like that but I like to burn things a pryo I be.

    Thats why I see the evil Destroyers as the bane of all that is good and wholesome in Guildwars....I cant burn them

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    Having all Ele skills unlocked, i play almost any build i want, i change build for almost every mission, quest, situation. i'd say "almost" all elementalist skills have there use.

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