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    Smile Celestial Twilight is Recruiting Members and Guilds!


    I'm Bunni, Leader of The Celestial Twilight [CT]. We are a fairly established Luxon guild, having formed May of 2006.

    Our Philosophy:

    Friendship over Faction! We have remained a guild mostly due to consistency and mutual respect. We just like to have fun! We really are not about making the game work or pressure for anyone.

    Who We Are:

    We are a pretty laid back group and we enjoy a little of everything both PvP (mostly AB) and PvE. Our age range is 15 - 50. We enjoy each other's company and love to chat.

    We have a vent server currently, and a new alliance forum is being brainstormed and created. In the meantime, you may visit CT's forums at:


    You can find our guild's rules there publicly viewable, which may give you a better sense of what you can expect in both the guild and alliance. You must be registered to view or post on the forum.

    We are not big on GvG as a guild, but it's mostly because we really don't have organization in that area. If you are really into GvG, then we are not for you. If you are interested in helping us out in that area, that would be lovely.

    What We Do:

    Our guild holds semi-regular events such as weekend dungeon runs, and forum contests. As an alliance we have had guilds take turns sponsoring a monthly event such as small tournaments, scavenger hunts, trivia contests, help days, etc. These things bring us all together to have fun.

    Current Position:

    We are in a period of transition right now. Our leader guild, having been with us for over a year, decided they would like to try some new things, and amicably left to experiment. The Alliance was given to me, and reformed. It is now my responsibility and pleasure to recruit new guilds that will hopefully blend well with the 4 guilds we have.

    Guild Requirements to Join:

    The current guilds and I agree that for a guild to join they must have 150-200k faction. This allows us to own something when we are full or nearly full of active guilds. Our goal will never be to own a high ranking town. A prospective guild must be mature, able to respect a diverse group of people, want to have fun, and have a sense of humor :) Our particular guild has a 15+ age limit. If you have younger kids, that's ok, but they must be able to behave maturely. Specifically we don't want offensive behavior due to the diversity of our group. Our alliance is made up of all ages. It is each guild's responsibility to monitor themselves.

    Member Requirements to Join:

    For a member to join CT, you must be age 15+ and be willing to follow the rules, be an active part of the guild, and of course, have a sense of humor. We all have things like school, work and real life responsibility, but we value the time we can spend together as well after those things are accomplished. Our guild has no faction requirements. We AB because we like to not because we have to.

    We value our members and guilds, and we are very much about friends sticking together over numbers and requirements. We have alot of fun!

    If this all sounds like it's for you, you can find me in game as Some Bunn E, or post here with questions. I'll be happy to answer them.

    Till then,

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