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    play nc phone number???

    can anyone sup
    ply this as i cant access the support site

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    GWOnline.Net Member dralith's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by strawberrystrawb View Post
    can anyone sup
    ply this as i cant access the support site
    Hope this helps:

    Phone Support
    We offer telephone support for billing and technical support issues only. You may contact a member of our Billing or Technical Support Teams by calling the number below. We do not offer telephone support for general game support issues. Any calls regarding game support will be directed to use one of the available support methods listed in the Game Support section.

    12pm to 5pm, Central

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    i shouldve said im in uk but ty for your input

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    strawberry...as ncsoft is located in the US...this is the number you need.

    1 is for the country code...
    512 225 6359 is the actual phone number regardless of where you call from

    all you need to do is dial 00 BEFORE the said number..... (I think thats the internationl number for uk to phone out)

    so ring.... 00 1 512 225 6359.....and you should get someone on the phone.

    also 12pm -5pm central is about 6 hours BEHIND the UK in time.

    hope that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FOOZBEAR View Post
    strawberry...as ncsoft is located in the US...this is the number you need.
    You're right that, that's the only number (s)he can call but only the American support service is located at the NCSoft HQ in the US, the support service for the UK and all other languages are in Brighton, England. Unfortunately that HQ does not have a phone service at all and you can only contact them via the support page.

    So the rest is still right. If you have to call them you must call the American version but I believe they might turn you away.

    BTW strawberrystrawb, why can't you use the support page?

    EDIT: I just found out the reason myself in another one of your posts. I would recommend just waiting it out or contact BT as your problem appears to be some sort of issue with them one way or another.

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    a search for the telephone number for NCSoft Europe in Brighten resulted in


    I don't know anything about how UK numbers work - like how many digits there are supposed to be - so i have no idea if that is correct but it turned up on both wired sussex and BT the same way.

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    Well of course the company has a phone number, but they have no phone service for support queries. If you call that number expecting help they'll hang up the phone or turn you away because they won't divert your call to any of the support team as they're only there to deal with the electronic system.

    (and yes that number would be right, generally the first 5 digits is the area code with the last 6 being a unique number)

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