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    Guild Wars Wintersday Calendar

    This has already been posted over at the other Guild Wars forum, but I figured I'd post it here too since there are such wonderful artists around. :)


    I've been poking around the internets and seeing that it's that time of the year again.... Christmas is coming! And with it, some very wonderful calendars by online artists. These calendars have 24 slots in all, and each day they reveal another new winter/Christmas inspired artwork. Some of the Calendars are just generally winter-inspired, others are more religious in nature, it all depends on where it's hosted.

    So. I had an idea. Why not make a Guild Wars Wintersday calendar? Even though we can't be sure of the exact time Wintersday is being held this year, at least we can keep at it until Christmas.
    Are there any artists interested in joining this project? I think this would be a fun idea and give the community a little holiday cheer. It would also be a chance for artists to just have fun in their own way, with their own style.
    Submissions wouldn't have to be drawn art, they can be anything Guild Wars and Wintersday themed. That means Photoshopped screens, costumes, candycane figures... anything that shows Guild Wars and Wintersday. The picture itself can be as detailed or as freeform as you want, as long as it keeps to the general idea of a calendar picture. Even stick figures are ok, as long as they have a humorous idea or something actually showing in them.

    Anyway, just post in this thread if you'd be interested in participating in this project. If we get enough people, then it will be very easy to fill up all 24 days. I'll also start handing out the days once I get a general idea of how many artists are in.

    Currently there are 9 artists who've agreed to help out with the calendar. That means there's room for plenty more. :)

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    Think I might give a go if I can find some more free time.
    How big are the calender images anyways?

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    They don't need to be too big since they'll only be posted online. I'd say about max 800x800, min 400x400 pixels is good. Of course the finished product doesn't have to be a perfect square, just giving some sizes. :)

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    It sounds like fun ... I'm not all that good, but I'd definitely love to give it a try. ^^

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    I'm interested. Sounds like fun.

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    I'm interested. I'll prolly post something soon !

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    Thank you for being interested! Added all of your names on the list, and I'll probably wait one more day before starting to pass out the dates to people.

    The way this would work is that everyone pm's me their pictures, then I will put them up online in a calendar-type website with the 24 days in it (working on this page still, but I'll send the link here once it's done). Please do not post pictures here! It won't be a surprise to see them in the calendar then. As each day comes, a new picture will be visible in the calendar, just like a Christmas calendar that doesn't show them all at once. :)
    I'm still debating what times during the actual days I'll be posting up the pictures, since time difference will be somewhat of an annoyance. Some people will see the picture before the right day, others will have to wait. Gotta try to come up with a time that's as balanced as possible....

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    Very neat idea.

    If you're still in need of artists, I'd be interested in participating. I'm just curious as to how "Wintersday-ish" it has to be? That is to say, I've got an idea, but I'm not sure if it's entirely appropriate for the theme...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minelle Tempest View Post
    Very neat idea.

    If you're still in need of artists, I'd be interested in participating. I'm just curious as to how "Wintersday-ish" it has to be? That is to say, I've got an idea, but I'm not sure if it's entirely appropriate for the theme...
    The idea doesn't have to scream out Wintersday to be good enough. As long as there is a winterish theme to it, I think that will be enough. If you're not sure if your idea is appropriate, you can always pm me and ask. :)

    There's still 10 spots free, so it would be great if you're able to participate. If I don't manage to get 24 different artists for the calendar, then I will ask if some people would be interested in doing two or more drawings.

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    Oh, that's right - people can't see my pm's!

    I'm in.

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