Never out of Balthazar [NOOB] is a fairly new PvP guild. We've started our life as a GvG guild, and are currently ranked 1330, and we'll hopefully get into the ladder pretty soon. We now want to reach into HA as the GvG side of things is harder to organsie, and with people not turning up etc. we decided we should do some HA. We are currently made of up 6 members, me and our leader. We want to recruit 4-6 players for daily, or every other day HA. We will be running either balanced, spike, or maybe hexes, but no Iway or Sway. What we want:

Rank: 5+ (this is negotiable, but for the core team, r5 is fairly improtant)

Core members need to turn up every day or every otehr day (not quite worked out the schedule) at around about 8PM GMT.

Need to be experienced, willing to try other builds, and be able to play multiple proffesions and builds

About [NOOB]

Curruntly made up of 8 people
In a smallish luxon alliance, made up of experienced pvp guilds.
guild rank 1330, probably would have changed by the time anyone else joins, but it's rising all the time.
Euro guild, mainly British.
Active at about 7:30PM-10:30PM GMT most weekdays.

If you want to apply, pm me here, or contact in game: