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    Fix the Fem Dervish 3d Model /bowhead L arm elbow position

    See screenshot:

    Looks at the position of the left elbow compared to the right. And the shoulder too. Looks as if the model is slightly misaligned at the shoulder and the arm is rotated about 60 degrees off position, maybe even as much at 90. So it's cocked up and out instead of resting at the character's side.

    So far I've only noticed this on the female dervish.

    Thanks to the devs/modelers in advance for checking this out.

    - MDF

    PS - Why is there a WoW ad automatically being added in my post? * gags *
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    this is one of many, tomorrow i'll post one of a disconnected shoulder when a male necro plays violin.

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    Hm. I never noticed that glitch. I'll have to check it out next time I am on my dervish... that IS indeed quite bad looking.

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