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    Random Arena PVP bots showing up

    hard to tell but they are very robotic like in movement, they usually stay in back...actually more found in International district than others but few teams now with them on it

    They'll stay in back, move when team moves up robotically almost and then once they select target they sort of just run for it

    hard to tell but you have to watch for how robotic the movement pattern is

    I used the ingame report

    bit annoying

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    GWOnline.Net Member Skyy High's Avatar

    Erm...pardon me, but how can you tell that a bot's movements are a "bit robotic"? It's not like they're following a set path like in Granite Citadel; could just be some distracted or new players, someone expecting the team to do most of the work and just kamikazi-ing when they feel like it.

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    A long time ago there was a toucher bot. It failed badly just showing that you do need some skill to play the build. It basically used C, 1 2 3 over and over (Vamp Touch, Vamp Bite, OoB) but it didn't work very well. For one thing, at the start it would sacrifice nearly half of its health. It often got stuck. It didn't change target. It spent ages chasing someone down without using a speed boost. It still managed to kill some people though, those that stood still or insisted on fighting it in melee. It never said anything and it was there 24/7, it was in my team or I was against it all the time.

    There was someone else (it was a ritualist) that never said anything and just ran into the same corner every match. He was also there 24/7. I believe it was someone that got the Enter Mission button pressed over and over.

    I haven't seen them since the report update.
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    I saw a monk bot in RA a few weeks back. All it did was stand there and cast healing/prot spells on itself when attacked. I remember we ended up using it as bait. =P

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    GWOnline.Net Member Railin's Avatar

    You just came across some bad/new players. Big deal.

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    GWOnline.Net Member SurviverX's Avatar

    I believe this is true too. These bots also do talking, but always the same line.

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    /report, and let Arena Net sort out the details.

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    GWOnline.Net Member madape's Avatar


    Just, lol.

    I mean, RA bots, lmao!


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    Quote Originally Posted by madape View Post

    Just, lol.

    I mean, RA bots, lmao!
    They're the future.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Ate of DK's Avatar

    Oh noes, PvP-bots!

    Any screenshots or other proof besides "robotic behaviour"? Sometimes you can see people move robotic in the local club. Guess they are lover-bots who steal our girls!!!

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