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    I've seen a bot in RA as well. She used to frequent FA, but with the recent introduction of the Dishonor mechanic, she vanished.

    Her style of botting was quite simple; she operated a PBAoE build, but her behavior was clearly bottish after I observed she always does the following steps:

    1. She targets an ally and moves to that ally.
    2. She casts Flame Djinn Haste.
    3. She targets an enemy and moves to that enemy.
    4. She casts Inferno.
    5. Repeat.

    It was glaringly obvious she was a bot after the first few times, because she'd sometimes use Inferno in the middle of nowhere, and she would sometimes run back and forth between ally and enemy if the two were too far away from each other.
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    Seems like Anet did a quick job on banning those bots. I reported quite a few yesterday and I haven't seen a single one today.

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    I found another pattern. These bots seems to all belong to the same alliance. The guild tags all looks like [War], [VVar], [Vvar], etc.

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    I've seen a few more recently now, one in AB yesterday and one in RA this morning.
    Yesterday's AB bot was a healparty spammer that followed nearest ally. Teammate and I noticed it and did some testing; if I stopped moving, bot stopped moving. Once one of us died and got split up, it would follow the next nearest ally. It shared a guild tag with our other teammate; when we questioned the bot and the other player, the bot did not respond and the other teammate very quickly 'g2g' and kicked us xD We reported the bot but perhaps we should have reported the player who seemed to own the bot.

    This morning I killed a healbot in RA. Has only healparty, and this one didn't move, just stayed at the spawnpoint till it was killed. LoL @ other team rezzing it.

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    I think I just met a bot today in RA. He was a Mo/W and was pretty good. We did 20 wins with him. I have no direct proof, just a lot indirect:

    - we talked about him being bot, but he never responed
    - he never moved or casted a spell before the game begun or after we have won (even when a few leftover minions were killing him, he just stood there and did nothing)
    - he was perfect at drawing conditions. I got blind and had it removed almost instantly. Same with hexes.
    - he was always kiting and stopped for absolute minimum time to cast a spell. Always. No player can imho do that
    - he perfectly interrupted his skills on diversion and shame (even 1/4 sec cast)
    - he perfectly used shield bash (a few of opposing players were telling him hes good at that :-D)

    We talked (in team) about reporting him, but I decided not to, because I was pissed off, that a bot can play so much better than most monks I meet in RA. Lately its realy frustrating in RA - a lot of noobs and a lot of shockwave stone spammers. It was kind of nice for a change to make a few wins. Even though it was with a bot...
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    Might have been a real player with bot scripts, and I would only say that because of the spell-cancelling on Diversion etc, maybe the uber-quick draws. Keep in mind that Shame makes it appear as if the player cancelled their own spell when it has in fact failed. The other things you mentioned are entirely possible for a good player - in fact all of them are.

    Also, monk bots are generally pretty fail, so if you got 20 wins, it seems unlikely.
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    bots hurt the game, reporting them comes natural.
    it's maybe nice to have a bot in your team when you're playing PvP but they only make matters worse, ask Anet for the whole reason why.
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