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    Quote Originally Posted by SurviverX View Post
    I don't care. Like I said in the chat log, he can go argue with Anet's support.
    oh s**t, another /report -er :)

    what if:

    1) person is disabled and trying to setup his keys to play GW
    2) person is new to PvP
    3) person wasn't payin' attention to chat logs

    there are a LOT of reasons person can be mistakenly treated as a bot.

    Lutgardis Faction farmers for example...

    anyway, give people an option to abuse and they'll use it /sigh

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    GWOnline.Net Member karadoc's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Lytel View Post

    a) They programmed the bots to talk back with exactly the right replies for that particular conversation
    b) You reported an innocent player who doesn't look at the chat constantly while playing
    c) There are some people in sweat shops watching them every now and again because farming Balthazar faction is serious business
    You missed the most obvious one: The bot controls the character. When the bot is finished, the player controls the character.

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    GWOnline.Net Member yawgmoth's Avatar

    PvP bots aren't anything new, they've been here for long long time.
    I've played with or against the RA Toucher Bot a couple times, I even scored 6 or 7 victories in a row with it in my group. All it did is select nearest foe and spam touch skills and OoB, if no foe in radar range it just sits in one place.

    The other kind I know of was AB Follow bot - It just invites everyone in the whole district, hopefully gets added to a party or even forms one itself, starts battle, then just autofollows one party member. It contributed to a team's victory more than a random clueless noob - it counts when capping shrines!

    I'm 100% sure both were bots, all they did is perform 2-3 very simple repeated actions (keypresses), were totally predictable, no intelligence involved, and they never responded to any questions. They both played as DND or Offline so I couldn't whisper them.

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    The idea of bots entering the low-tier PvP areas isn't entirely unrealistic.

    As someone mentioned, a simple script to make your leech-bot move a bit in AWood means it won't get figured out as easily.
    I do suspect the leechers in Awood being mostly gold sellers; it might be a fairly low income on the Jadeite/Amber market, but a bot doesn't mind earning 1 plat an hour doing the same thing 24/7/12.
    People have a hard time /reporting even well known leech bots, and once battle has been joined it's a fat chance anyone has a second spare to look around for and /report a leech. I know I don't.

    A gold seller looks for steady, reliable sources of virtual gold; high income evens out if your bot accounts get banned a lot.
    Low-level random PvP is a great place to hide; you're not detected as easily as say the classic bot hordes in Granite Citadel or Altrumm.
    And now that there's Z-keys to add to the income, I'm not surprised if the bot-masters are trying their luck with it.

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    you should really stop calling RA pvp...

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    Haven't noticed one, actually.

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    GWOnline.Net Member KyppDuron's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by SibbTigre View Post
    Have to comment.. Bots are not legitimate. People may have "Good Intentions" behind them, but that dosent make them legitimate.#

    PvP bots are not new, especially if you go to FA and AB on occasion. In RA? With the introduction of zaishen keys I can see why its happening. I still agree that it's wrong.
    That is SO not what i meant.

    I meant that instead of going "No way there are RA bots, what a stupid idea!"

    we should all be saying "Ya, that sucks but whatever, i've got /report macro'ed to the r button now."

    @ wuzzman
    If people are killing other people that makes it PvP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KyppDuron View Post
    If people are killing other people that makes it PvP.
    What about this :P

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    GWOnline.Net Member allinuff's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Lytel View Post
    Rofl. That made me laughed so hard back in the day and did so again.
    ... and God said to John, "Come forth and thou shall receive eternal life in paradise."
    But John came in fifth and won a toaster instead.

    - Something funny I heard.

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    GWOnline.Net Member KyppDuron's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Lytel View Post

    That was just great.

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