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    Shadow Form lameness

    I post this in the hope that there is the slightest possibility someone who matters can put an end to this garbage.

    The main abuser of this is called | Sissy Girl |

    He loads his bar with shadow form, arcane echo and some other crap with zero damage and just runs around the map with no other intention than to grief and type abuse in local chat about how great they are.

    Just to make it crystal clear, before people start to say "well he has no damage he cant kill you gg". This kid has ZERO damage on his bar and is not interested in killing you. It is griefing, plain and simple, and it has to be stopped.

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    We have a thread about that allready for a couple of days.


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    I mentioned her as well in that thread, 'she' advertises herself as cute and innocent girl new to HA looking for nice guys to help her out (no pervs).. or something along those lines. Forms randomways with 2 heroes this way, and is only out to gried the opponent (make them ragequit for fame?).

    Annoying, just let ur entire team report 'her' for verbal abuse or something. Not much else u can do, ecept trust ur ghostly to d-shot something when SF is down for 1 sec

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    there is basically 1 way to kill them off. if you can get them body blocked next to their ghost then you can nuke the ghost and the shadow form lamer gets hit as well. apart from that there isn't much you can do to stop them. I say, bring on the nurf bat and show those grievers what happens when you abuse skills like that.

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    Shadowform isnt down for even one second. We had a leech sig in the build but obviously someone else has caught the little git out with it already and he has mantra of concentration now.

    The only two things your gonna get him with are well of profane (stupid as he is, he isnt going to run into that) and chilblains, but we are hardly going to bring that skill in a build on the off chance we bump into him.

    You cant really bodyblock him, he will use deaths charge and be on the outside of your group.

    Its actually a decent idea in itself, for something like relic runs so u cant be snared, but like we already know, his only interest is to grief opponents until they resign out of boredom.

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    chillblains won't work now that its a targeted spell
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    Managed to beat a 8 man team of them, few of them went down fast due to leaving gaps between their protection, last few we just all ganked them - trapped and took them down slowly.

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    trapping, AoE and wells are the only things u can try to do to them.

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    I've seen this guy three times so far and the scariest thing is: Today I saw him in the Courtyard. I really hope he jumped directly from Underworld.

    Sometimes he uses Mantra of Concentration and somethins Mantra of Resolve.

    I noticed that a lot of teams started taking Signet of Humility even if it has no real place in their build. Could this guy be the reason?

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    This is why things get nerfed without solid reason.

    You can just say to your vent, "expunge enchantments and lightning orb this guy in 3-2-1."

    yea, lame tip to counter lame tricks for a lame whine.
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