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Thread: Killing Varesh

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    but wont they all come after me cuz when i stayed at the first gate they all came for me it was 5lv 28s + lev 30 vs 8 lev 20s (not including pet) so we had the numbers but they had the power :( and they won 3 in a row

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndroPheonix View Post
    but wont they all come after me cuz when i stayed at the first gate they all came for me it was 5lv 28s + lev 30 vs 8 lev 20s (not including pet) so we had the numbers but they had the power :( and they won 3 in a row
    I wasn't sure if you were talking to me, but here I go. I stay at the back gate, the one opposite of the one you walk through the first time, like the person I quoted. Here, you literally need to stay on the gate to make sure you don't get extra aggro. Then, you pull patrol groups one by one. Make sure you have long/flatbow for pulling for that extra bit of distance. Before engaging, pull them as far back as you can to your group, again to avoid aggro.

    Now, here's the fuzzy part since it's been a while since I last killed Varesh. I usually pull Varesh after 2-3 groups. However, you can't pull Varesh back to the gate, so I usually end up fighting her around the edge of the sand circle. Keep focusing on her, and she should go down before you all go down.

    Some tips:
    1. DO keep your party spread apart, both for Varesh and her minions. Avoiding AoE from hitting everyone in your party is always good
    2. DON'T bother with hard res, unless you have one on a mesmer with high fast casting or paragon with signet of return.
    3. If you have access to Prophecies/Factions, consider getting Inspired/Revealed Hex, because they are instantly recharged when used on monster-only skills.

    Also, as far as I can tell from the skill description of Enemies Must Die, any enemies outside of aggro range should not come pounding on you. Remember that positioning is very very important in this game.

    If you'd like, post your profession/skillbar, and there will be people here who can give advices on what to bring and not to bring.

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    If you can get even just one person with a higher LB level than you (I assume you are lvl 2-3) with LB Gaze, it will help wipe those patrols. If you can get a higher LB level, do so, and show your LB title when going out to kill Varesh. It will reduce dmg to you AND your heroes, increase your dmg to them and it's a handy interrupt.

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    There's a pause after you kill the first Varesh. Use that pause before the demons spawn to run like buggery for the furthest gate. Flag your henchies there as soon as she dies for that first time and keep them flagged there till you've cleared it.

    That way you end up in a clear spot with no patrols when the demons and the second Varesh have finsihed spawning. If you start running and flagging as soon as she goes down you should have no problems reaching the safe spot. Then recharge and take stock of the partols, then start the pulling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AndroPheonix View Post
    when i do that she brings demons with her, maybe i'll go to the gate behind her and pull demon patrols off 1 mob at a time
    She doesn't do that with me, but I don't have anything in melee (or half ranged) range in my party normally. Blind+Weak+Prot are your friends, and IIRC she has half hex duration = Wastrel's Worry spam is good.

    Edit: I just went and tested it.

    3:48 (normalmode)

    Me: 15 (12+1+2) Domi, 11 FC (10+1), 9 (8+1) Inspi, 2 Healing
    Cry of Pain ("Spearmarshall"-rank)
    Wastrel's Worry
    Mantra of Recovery
    Energy Tap
    Lightbringer Gaze ("Vanquishing"-rank (6) active for more damage output and for damage prevention)
    Spirit of Failure
    Res Chant

    Vekk: 12 Air, 12 E-Storage (yep, he's got no runes yet... and a horrible build without elite, I see just now)
    Lightning Strike
    Blinding Flash (should be Blinding Surge instead)
    Lightning Orb
    Glyph of Lesser Energy
    Aura of Restoration
    Air Attunement
    Res Chant

    Master of Whispers: 15 (12+1+2) Curses, 10 (9+1) Soulreaping, 6 (5+1) Blood, 8 Protection, 2 Healing
    Spirit Bond
    Signet of Lost Souls
    Spiteful Spirit
    Price of Failure
    Reckless Haste
    Enfeebling Blood
    Blood Ritual
    Res Chant

    Morgahn: 13 (12+1) Spear Mastery, 11 Command, 6 Leadership
    Leader's Comfort
    Barbed Spear
    Spear of Lightning
    "Never give up!"
    "Never surrender"
    "Stand your ground"
    Cautery signet
    Signet of Return


    Strategy used:
    1a. I went forward up to the point where Varesh charged at me. I let her enter my aggro circle so that she didn't lose interest and retreated back. I pulled her away from the monk demons when I saw that the monk was casting on her.
    1b. spamming everything available on her, my heroes and henchs did the same. She died.
    2a. Retreated to the wall behind my starting position, waited that the 2 demons that had spawned nearby wandered off to the right. They do that after a few seconds.
    2b. Went forward until Varesh charged at me. I let her into my aggro circle and wandered back to the wall. She lost interest at first, then I repeated and did it again, more slowly retreating. Because I had no melees in the team and had waited until the 2 walking demons were away and because I had pulled her (barely) behind the patrol of these 2 walking demons, I only had to fight her and none of the demons at all.
    2c. spamming everything available on her. She was at 2% health when she actually killed Herta. I just kept spamming on her and it was over while Herta was still on the floor.

    So, well, things to optimize:
    - use a runed Vekk with Blinding Surge instead of Blinding Flash
    - replace Vekk with a blood-oriented necro and give him a build that includes Spoil Victor and some more protection like Protective Spirit
    - I didn't particularly like Spirit of Failure on myself, it didn't seem to return even it's own energy cost.
    - roam around in the hero or paragon forum and find an actual build for Morgahn instead of the ... thing that I used.
    - runes for Morgahn might be a clever idea as well
    - have a higher SS and LB rank than I did.
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    or you could find a person to go with you that can kill her for you in no time at all

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    i dont it finealy lol i payed 2k for NM, he done it so fast it was HM lol but i still only payed 2k so i got about 3:15 and payed 2k >:) (i wonder if he knew)

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    If you paid for that, save up for Gates of Madness.....

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    lol sounds hard already, better start saving

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vana View Post
    The easiest way to do it is to flag your heroes and henchmen to one of the gates after you killed her the first time. From there you can kill all the patrols one by one untill Varesh is alone.

    This takes time, though, and will not get you the masters reward
    Where is the gate?

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