Hey i'm a returning level 20 ranger, just got back into the game and i've been looking around at trying to find a good PvE build.

I quit playing using a basic prophecies/factions Barrage build which worked but got annoying fast in certain situations.

Barrage, Whirling Defence, Favorable winds primarily, and i started switching through a bunch of buffs like Judges Insight, Conjure Fire, and tried a few ritualist and necromancer combos.

I'd like to get some suggestions on some of the better builds to use with PvE. I usually just take henchies unless playing with some friends. I liked the concept of Barrage but i hear that is more of UW and PvP so perhaps something better?

Any help is appreciated. Stats, skills, weapon mods and profession is appreciated.

I don't want anyone to get into any debates on what builds are the best so i'd like just opinions.