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Thread: small question

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    small question

    I'm only level 13 on my w/mo atm and it is currently a sword user.

    I want to switch to axe but there is only one axe skill available to me atm.

    when do axe skills start showing up with the skill guys? or do i have to capture all of them?

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    GWOnline.Net Member nikkoelite's Avatar

    dont care about that now. Just level to level 20, then decide

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    GWOnline.Net Member Seef II's Avatar

    You can switch weapons before you're 20 . . . in fact, I switched from axe to hammer after getting my first gold hammer somewhere around Yak's Bend.

    [edit] This doesn't mean that you should switch, seeing as you may already have invested some time and money into your current weapon.

    It depends which campaign the OP is in. If it's Prophecies and he's been doing all of the skill quests, there should be plenty of axe attacks to choose from. Failing that, the Strength and Tactics attacks from Nightfall may work. I never started a warrior in Factions, so I don't know what they give you as you level up.

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    Faction Noob Island Axe Skills

    Cyclone Axe ---Talon's Duel http://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Talon%27s_Duel

    Furious Axe --- Bought at Ran Musu Gardens

    Lacerating Chop --- Bought at Shing Jea

    Penetrating Chop --- Bought at Seitung Harbor

    Sadly Dismember and Executioner's Strike aren't found until later.
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    its a proph char and i have both a gold sword and axe so im trying to decide

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    Learn both. There is no point in limiting yourself to just one weapon, especially if you have nice specimens of both swords and axes.

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    GWOnline.Net Member BrotherGrimm's Avatar

    I seem to recall getting Dismember as a skill quest right after going to post searing...yep, in Piken Square. You can buy it at Yaks.

    You can get Cyclone & Executioners as skill quests in Pre at the Barradin's Estate. If you can get it as a pre quest, you can buy it in Ascallon City.

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