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    Quote Originally Posted by Beren Iluthiel View Post
    I'm expecting to play GW2 in less than a month (ok, ok, maybe two).
    Hopeful much? The end of June is a possibility, but I'd be more inclined to look for the end of July. The end of July gives them three BWEs, than a month to polish whatever is left.

    I other news, I blew my survivor attempt. When trying to pull Portal Wraiths in Gate of Madness (with a bow mind you), the two that came continued to target me even after I had passed my heroes. I was dead faster than I could do anything to prevent it. Oh well, now that I know the Gate of Madness method is there, I have some time to continue getting my heroes properly geared up.
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    If GW2 comes out after the summer, I'll burn my GW1 boxes.

    It's cheap fuel for BBQ, and I need the extra space in my cubbards anyway.
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    Not really a character progress item, but rather a HoM progress item. I got one of my rangers a Vabbian set. I also got that last Obsessive weapon (hmm, Oppressor!) and I added Sorrow's Furnace to my HoM. So, 9 titles left to go for my HoM and 10 for my GWAMM!

    Time to think about maxing that third HoM....
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    Finished the EotN campaign with the help from a guild member. Unfortunately I can't remember who it was exactly, but it started with St. Moving on to factions next.

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