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Thread: Short Q

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    Short Q

    What's attribute for Power Spike Axe Warrior?

    Dun wanna waste a thread so; what's the attribute for Healing Signet split Warriors?

    Top GvG level Warrior has:
    -Superior Absorption?
    -Reduce Condition Runes?

    Do Sword still use Vampiric anymore? If so, for which elite?
    Do Hammer ever use Zealous? Attack rate is so slow, I just make energy gain really unnoticeable.
    If no Conjure Element, what long-range weapon? Bow or fast attacking Wand?
    Never use -of mastery right?
    Does Frenzy End if you activated it and you get Black'ed Out?
    And does cancel delay swapping to a bow for Distracting Shot for a long range 20 second disable interrupt sound good?

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    On a PSpike war I'd go 14-10-9, with 9 in dom. That way I can use a focus if I need to.

    Runes depend on what you're doing. You'll need the minor tactics if you have SU or Healsig. Otherwise cripple and blind reduction. Absorb is trash.

    Yes people use vampiric swords. Not sure what what you mean by which elite. Swords run DSlash, CSlash, and Coward mostly these days.

    Don't run zealous on a hammer. You make more energy by just keeping the regen.

    I have a wand and a bow on my war. I usually keep with the wand so I can keep my shieldset out.

    Stances do not end if you get blacked out.

    Do not run Dshot on your warrior.

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    Some use spears (furious modded) on their warriors for long-range adrenaline building. Lets you use your shield set too, but the range is worse for plinking Footmen or Knights from afar.
    I stick with a bow and caster weapon.

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    What was the name for that fast attacking wand?

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    It used to be a crafter wand you got in ascalon area, but the inherent fast attack was removed. No weapons have that anymore.

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