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Thread: Link to Love

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    Link to Love


    "Hi, I know thats strange one. I want a guy who looks like link. from the game. I thought to myself that I might as well be honest. I look like zelda, so why not ask for it? who knows.. I know theres a guy like that. So if you think you look like link, the blonde skater cut, and light eyes look email me. Im a simple chick who loves zelda. I know thats a corney one to ask but heck we might as well be honest as to what we like? am I right? I want a guy like that and a guy who is romantic and believes in chilvary, love, old school ways, and doesnt have a problem with european culture. Thanks a bunch!!! If I like you, and you have a pic, ill email you back. PS I WILL NOT RESPOND to guys without FACE SHOTS. period. Thankyou for understanding. Im not a body chick. more a face and Please only guys 30 and below. And please do not email me rude comments... this world has too many jerks and I delete them and report to the authorities. Its extreme I know But please have respect."

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    I just read that on kotaku. So sad.

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    I feel so ordinary. How can I compete with that?

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    Omitting rude comments.

    Leaving thread.

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    So, try to imagine having to walk around with her in the city, her insisting that you wear the green link outfit while she wears her Zelda attire. Together you talk about all things Zelda, the split timeline theory and other exciting things. The horror.

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    She's so beautiful. I think I'm in love.
    Oh wait, I hate pointy green hats.

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    At least its not as bad as that WoW chick who whored herself out for epic mount money. (back when that was a lot).

    She only claimed to want to roleplay sexual activity as a night elf, but at least we get to see some commitment with Zelda here. She doesn't really make it sound sexual, though shes obviously a bit superfluous.

    I wish her luck in her endeavor of love. Although basing it purely on looks.....Link-like or more general and acceptable paradigms... is foolish to me. While I'm at it, too many of us these days don't even know what the simple phrase 'love at first sight' is all about. It's not an attraction. It's a feeling, that attracts. Society can't seem to distinguish lust and love these days. /shrug

    *picks up soapbox and leaves the thread*

    In Tsumeria, we don't have such nonsense.

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    What I find weird is that Link ain't exactly the manliest man out there.
    In fact he looks like he could be a little girl sometimes.

    Ohhhh....look a me! I'm a sexah stud!

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    Bloody, blasted humans.

    -Anyway; each to their own and whatever floats her boat, I guess. It's not like she's hurting anyone with her curious fetish, so let her have her 15 posts of Internet Fame.

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