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    So, I've been taking a few glances at the Lore forum now and then, and I find the small tidbits of info and speculation on GW2 and the roles of the dragons quite interesting.
    Which makes you speculate yourself, what if the dragons just want to get rid of all the other races? The only thing they have managed to do so far is to destroy and turn against eachother. War and killing.

    Then I started to imagine what kind of vision the dragons would have for a better place.

    This is going to be the first of a long line of scenic CG work with this theme... untill Anet decides to give us some GW2 news that is

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    A new CG piece of a mountain range:

    Click for a bigger version

    This one actually won the "picture of the day" award at the official Vue site:

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    The question is, did you model the hillside in #2, or cheat and use a bump map?

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    Everything is modeled :P

    Though, modeling hillsides is most likely some of the easier tasks in Vue =D

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    Thats crazy then. Really inefficient, but for stills it doesn't really matter. Looks good.

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