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    DWC All-Mesmer PVE Meets: Information Thread

    I would appreciate it if we could have this thread stickied and kept moderately clean and up-to date. Thanks!


    So we've had a bit of conusion about when and where our weekly all-mesmer events are, particularly during transition periods of Daylight Savings Time. Additionally, the Community Lounge thread currently does not offer up-to-date or precise information about our meetings, nor is it widely used. Hopefully this thread will clear a few things up.

    The events take place on Saturdays in Deldrimor War Camp, International District One, unless otherwise stated. They are organized by volunteers based on weekly requests, needs, and mood swings.

    The time of meeting is 21:00 GMT at all times of the year. This has not always been the case, but we ask that you honor this meeting time. You can check when this is for you by visiting www.timezoneconverter.com or downloading a time zone conversion widget for Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows Vista. Remember that just because Daylight Savings Time has changed for you, this does not imply the rest of the world changed with you. After a time change, doublecheck the meeting time for you at www.timezoneconverter.com

    Do not be later than 15 minutes past the start date. This is not Mescon. We meet up, say hi, chat a bit, get into groups, and go kill stuff. If you want to chat more, get there early. Do not go afk after the start of the meet if you wish to enter a group. Finally, do not bring Ursan Blessing. The meets are occasionally cancelled for other mesmer events, such as Mescon and the Highland Games.

    If you have further concerns about meeting times, content, and the like, you can peruse these forums or contact me via private message or in game (ign: Anya Wynter).

    We are a fun lot and have shared a lot of great times. I hope to see you all come Saturday, as everyone is invited to share in our adventures.

    The All Mesmer Team Organizers

    The All Mesmer Team Accomplishments Thread
    The All Mesmer Team Request Thread

    This post is up to date as of March 15, 2008.
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    ty alot been wanting such a info thread for ages :).

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    Thank you mesmered.

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    You rock, Anya.


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    The CL Lounge sticky hase been updated

    I have updated the CL sticky with some new info about the All-Mesmer meetings.

    Happy "mesmering"

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    Just thought it would be worth re-iterating:

    -> The meet is at 21:00GMT
    -> The United Kingdom is not currently using GMT Time but BST instead

    BST is GMT +1 so for those in the United Kingdom, the Mesmer Meet is at 22:00

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    Thanks for posting this, Anya.

    And to any PvPer's, the meets have occasionally gone into PvP events with all mesmers. So, if there's an event you'd like to participate in PvP, or something specific in PvE, just make a new thead in this forum explaining what you'd like and usually there will be enough interest.

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    I would just like everyone to know that this event still occurs weekly and continues to be hosted by Anya Wynter. Yes, attendance has dwindled due to the age of the game but we still meet in DWC id1 every Saturday at 21:00 GMT and do our mesmer thing.

    Please join us!

    Saroya Ravenwind

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    I just dusted off my account so I may be joining you guys soon enough :)

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    Now to get my Nightfall mesmer to the DWC... :)

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