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    Quote Originally Posted by Aretelio View Post
    I like Silent's idea...

    The Off-topic Meta Chat.

    Fine...one poll with the suggestions in here...coming up!
    I hate you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djinn Effer View Post
    Hatred leads to the dark side (or fear or anger or w/e -- ultimately it's all dark and emo).

    Quote Originally Posted by Natus View Post
    im in ur jupiter lighthouse, restorin ur alchemyz
    It's MVs birthday so sing and swing!
    Quote Originally Posted by Feannag View Post
    "Idle Chatter" is good, although I think "General Nonsense" would be more indicative of the contents. You could rename it "Random Idiocy" just as an experiment to see if anyone posts in it after that.
    I'd make the first post then.
    Last edited by Akirai Annuvil; 29-03-2008 at 14:47.

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    Since you can't say that "r"-word, MV's going to remove that pic most likely...

    Unless you want to give him a "Good-For-One-Ban" for his B-Day

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    Hmm and there I thought I got it from the funny pics thread :-/

    Ah well. *remove* Damn you forum regulations!

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    Hej Djinn guess who links to you on their buddy list.

    Heaven's Angel :D So you two are actually frennemies huh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akirai Annuvil View Post
    Hmm and there I thought I got it from the funny pics thread :-/
    You did. My post. Got removed. Which is why I'm telling you
    Well, might not be removed, but MV removed some images with that word in it saying that's the reason. Words that are censored can't appear in any images.

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    O hi thar.

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    I just finished my best game of Halo so far. Team Slayer, I got 20 kills, a Killing Frenzy, and I think three double kills. Our team lost by one kill.

    Checking the post game scores, some person had nine kills and like a bajillion deaths.

    I'm bad at Halo...

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    GWOnline.Net Member Mends's Avatar

    I hate getting stuck with people who are terrible. You can get like 25 kills and 5 deaths and you'll still lose because the other guy decided to drive around in a Mongoose the whole game and got 1 kill and 23 deaths.

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    Man I hate Halo.

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