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    Was I the only one who first read klit?
    Thanks a lot. Now I'm reading it the same way...

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    hmm, speaking of uniforms, if I attended Japanese middle/highschool, I would have had to wear uniforms as well. I know for a fact that the local middle school uniform was blazer instead of sailor, but who knows about highschool.

    I'm sorry for saying this myself, but me in one of those sailor uniforms, that's kinda sick...

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    I wish I was a Sailor Scout.

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    I just ate Apple Pie wrapped in bacon with Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream on top, covered in tacos.

    It was good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikhera View Post
    Dunno about Nova Scotia. But Ontario Catholic schools have to have uniforms. It's some kind of law or some bull****.
    Well, despite being Catholic we went to a regular ol' high school, which may have been the difference, although it's the only high school here so it's not like there was a choice in the matter. It's a pretty small town, so grades 7-12 are all in this one school, split into 'junior high' and 'senior high,' we just had different lunch hours and such.

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    When I look at the ninth graders in my school, I realize how small I must have looked two years ago. Boy oh boy, good times.

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    One of my friends pointed out this disturbing fact about schools.

    They're like grocery stores/book stores/stores in general for pedophiles.

    Frightening, isn't it? Imagining some creepy fellow going from grade to grade..Too young, too short, too squeaky, etc. etc.

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    I loaded up GW. I played GW. And I can't believe how dissatisfying it is to be slowed down, crippled, and then torn apart by another player.

    It's so..Very..Painful.

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