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    Icing on the cake!

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    Forget Batman Begins/TDK! Batman Returns is the ****!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zalis View Post
    Throw Yoda in there and I'm sure people will buy it, regardless of quality.
    Also, since I've never played Disgaea, but am looking into the DS version... How would you describe it?
    If you like turn based strategy games, you'll like Disgaea's gameplay. It basically improves on every single facet from every other TBS game ever simply by including a ton of new features. There are quite literally too many for me to go through all of them. I'll list a couple in short:
    • Lift and Throw - all human characters are capable of lifting their allies and throwing them a couple of panels away.
    • Team attacks - whenever someone attacks, all adjacent allies can join in for a large team attack. Team attacks deal more damage and if you land the kill, every unit gains experience.
    • Bonus Gauge - performing actions, in particular special actions like 4 man team attacks with Thieves, loads up a map's bonus gauge. The higher the bonus gauge the more special items, experience and money you receive after cmpleting the map.
    • Geopanels and Geostones - nearly impossible to explain but I'll try. On a map, some panels (geopanels) belongs to a certain colour, for example red. Whenever a Geostone is dropped on a geopanel all units on a panel of such a colour gain a certain effect (from attack+50% to invincibility to being cloned at the end of their turn). Geostones have their own colour (for example green; one is normally blank). If a geostone is destroyed, every geopanel it affects is turned into its colour (if a green geostone is destroyed on a red geopanel, all red geopanels turn green). If you manage to turn all geopanels blank, there's a huge explosion, your enemies sustain heavy damage and your bonus gauge gets a huge boost.

    I'll edit in a few other notes (including the more negative points) in a second. Suffice to say, if you enjoy any turn based game, Disgaea DS is well worth at least a download or a rent. If you enjoy games like Final Fantasy Tactics or its sequels, you probably won't be disappointed after buying it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akirai Annuvil View Post
    If you enjoy games like Final Fantasy Tactics or its sequels, you probably won't be disappointed after buying it.
    I was.

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    ....how much are you stalking this thread as much as me apparently, but ok.
    Anyway your reason for disliking the game was bad voiceacting. The DS version basically cut out all vo, so problem solved (though the vo actually in the game is truly terrible having worse voice actors than before. Still there's the possibility to mute the few times Etna speaks. About once every two acts, with every acts existing of 5-7 levels.).

    And I forgot to save after the last time I played the game.
    I'll continue the list here.
    • Fun setting and story - you're Laharl, son of the Netherworld's Overlord. After a two year long nap you find out your dad's dead and you want to succeed him to the throne. On the way you'll meet a lot of friends and vassals, ranging from love addicted angels to exploding demon penguins. Where it starts out very silly and a bit childish, it actually develops into something pretty deep halfway through the game.
    • Lots of content - between the Item World (a random level generator where completing levels, levels your items), the Dark Assembly (like an evil congress where you have to bribe the corrupt senators to pass your laws or beat them to submission) and a fairly lengthy story (I think about 12-13 acts, with every act being ~5-7 maps) it'll take you a long time to complete the single player affair. The game also sports local multiplayer for some versus fun! /commercialvoice
    • Mentor/Pupil system - the mentor/pupil system allows every new character to be assigned to one of your older characters in a mentor-pupil relationship. In effect, whatever skill the pupil learns the mentor has access too as well.
    • Downsides
    • Hardcore oriented - the game features a lot of levels and leveling up. Every character can level up to level 9999, every piece of equipment can level to 100, and if you really want to you can reincarnate to level 0 with a simply nasty stat boost and re-level to level 9999. Repeat till you've maxed out all of your stats to 20000. On the PS2, I remember being level 100 with my main party when beating the game, but I was higher than required. I'm currently playing the game far more casually and it's still very doable and very lengthy. Pretty much all the additional single player content seems fairly hardcore in comparison to the story mode and the occasional Item World.
    • No quicksave - this is just a real pain. It's not a quick game; wasn't much of a problem on the PS2. When you were gonna play it you wanted to play it for longer periods of time anyway. On the DS though, sometimes you just wanna play a short round for which the game is incredibly unaccomodating.
    • Etna's new voiceactor - really, she's terrible. Where the old one had a certain charm to it, the new one is just... shudder.
    • Weak AI - the AI just isn't that good as it doesn't seem to use geopanels and effects at all.

    Can't really think of anything else worth mentioning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Akirai Annuvil View Post
    ....how much are you stalking this thread as much as me apparently, but ok.
    Anyway your reason for disliking the game was bad voiceacting.
    Not really. Although the first time I heard Laharl speak, I wanted to throw up.

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    Lol, first seven zkeys = 6 firewater, 1 ele tome. Go go me.

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    Zayren, I'm creating a new brand of card game--Yurioh. I just need a way to go about it.

    Also, I got 155 Reward Points olol.
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    I always think I do semi-good with predictions and then people post a lot higher numbers and I get sad. I got 105.

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    I just copy.

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