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    I'd be Handboy.

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    Last.FM --- Xfire (My Gaming History) --- Awesome Fight Scene

    "This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time",- Tyler Durden

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    Cool. I will add you next time I am on!
    I'm just hardly online though. I think the last online game I played was Condemned 2. Smacking hobos upside the head with toilet seats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manwithtwohands View Post
    What is your gamertag?
    I have Mehtis in my list!
    I am hardly ever on these days though.
    Dead Rising loads 100x faster when live is disconnected.
    It is weird.
    Yes, you have. I have two of yous.
    I'm on only if needed, except that now I've been more on with B:AA, because then I can check the challenge leaderboards and how I stand.

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    I love you longtime for playing Dead Rising.

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    Dead Rising is fun.
    Can't wait to play the 2nd one when it comes out.
    I just hope they don't have the janitor and his stupid phone calls.

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    Got the Megabuster yet?

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    Who has time for the megabuster when you can dress up zombies all day.

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    Looks like they added lots of new things to the game.
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