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    Tarnished Coast

    The Order of Dii [Dii], Do Not Revive Asura [Ever], When Zergs Collide [CERN]

    OK, so I was drinking some orange juice and at the bottom of the cup was written "Tupperware" except (from within side the cup) it was written backwards; so I was drinking and the first things that I read is eRAWRepput; made my morning.

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    Goonies never say die.

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    Halo: Reach is much more buggy compared to 3. I got a Flag Kill and also Killed Flag Carrier medal from beating down one guy with a DMR. He did have our flag, but... lolwut?

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    Stop gettin' mad at video games!

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    That's not rage, Woody. God. It's pointing out a glitch, which was actually in my favor. But still made absolutely no sense.

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    *rushes into topic with arms held out*

    Whooooah, there everyone.
    Calm down before someone gets killed!!!11

    Stay alert, play safe.

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    Reach is so glitchy. I went 15-0 and got a Perfection. But my k/d spread was +22. Does a perfection give +7 kills or something?

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    Seems so.

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    Yo, my birthday's in 5 days. Oh ma gawd.

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    If you ever think to yourself,"Man I want to play some Halo multi-team." just ask yourself,"Do I want to have someone stab me in the dick?" (pic related) If the answer is no, then play a different game type.
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