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    I need a Dark Phantom regular chip, but I keep getting EX on accident!

    God, online sucks. Everybody just starts out in Tribe King because of stupid friggin' cheats so they do double damage. And I've actually crippled myself by trying to use the Rogue form the intend way, as opposed to using cheats like everyone else. It's not fun to get matched up with people who just kill you in five seconds.

    Of course, the people who have Tribe King and crap also manage to start with at least two gigas and the best megas, by some stroke of luck. Online sucks. However, I found a new strategy. Patience. When I get matched up against these kids, I'm just going to stay at the custom screen until they quit.
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    Guess who's ba-ack!!!

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    Baby got back?
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    hi :D

    hows everyone

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    Who's back, Lucis?
    Is it Shawn?

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    What did I miss?
    Germany lost to Spain, GW 2 loses to D3, consoles lose to PC, Natus' existance is a result of frivilous lust, Brawl came out over here (although I haven't had a chjance to play it yet), and Poland was really fun.

    Did I forget anything?

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    Natus, I recommend NOT playing az teh Ninj4. It takes FOREVER to get people to brotherband with you, since everyone is a Ninja...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zayren View Post
    Who's back, Lucis?
    Is it Shawn?
    I left?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shawn View Post
    I left?
    I thought you were killed in a boat accident...

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    Youtube comments would easily reduce me to tears if I was forced to read them for over 20 minutes

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