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    [Ursan Blessing]

    Snaaaap :x

    (What's *this* skill good for again?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asbjornsalech View Post
    indeed, i need some practice withit

    [Spell Breaker]

    never knew what this skil was good for, except farming
    2 words: Ghostly Hero.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikhera View Post
    [Ursan Blessing]

    (What's *this* skill good for again?)
    [atrophy] if I remember correctly.

    1000 words:
    [distracting shot]

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    Jade Quarry



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    Quote Originally Posted by Djinn Effer View Post
    2 words: Ghostly Hero.
    oh didn't know that, i don't PvP much ^_^


    Quote Originally Posted by shawn the divine View Post

    you do know we are just amateurs right ?
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    Someone said to voltaire "life's hard" Voltaire replied "compared to what?"

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    damn it double post again.
    Someone said to voltaire "life's hard" Voltaire replied "compared to what?"

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    [Healing Signet][Frenzy]

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    comma Breaker!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I think Tro is a pretty cool guy. eh breaks commas and doesn't afraid of anything.

    ...Oh, lord.

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    [Contemplation of Purity] Goo-goo, Ga-ga
    [Ancestor's Visage] Hey there. It's a little baby on my step.
    [Contemplation of Purity] I will swallow your soul!
    [Migraine] Ohhh. It's not of this earth.
    [Power Leech] Grandpa get back in here. It's cold outside!
    [Wastrel's Worry] I think he's seeing blue babies again.
    [Complicate]Time to send him to a home.
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