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    that was gona happen anyway.

    rock band will be the best thing since [ursan blessing]

    and yea, im getting bored of the codes, ill stop after a few more.

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    maybe they should up the price to $675 because thats roughly how much it would cost if they got the uk price and converted it to $

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    as i said in that thread, way to gimp your sales.

    rock band will flop like that imo. ppl wont buy.

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    okidoki .

    Someone said to voltaire "life's hard" Voltaire replied "compared to what?"

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    this whole off topic section is dead tonight :P

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    /smacks Zayren

    Less GW in the OTF.

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    the gw code on here is starting to become somewhat stupid and very silly your enjoying this whole gw code on here and stuff. then when they added the feature in the game to save your build.

    maybe i should post for the next week just in gw skills

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