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    That could take a whole week of screaming like some sort of constipated octorok! *cry*

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    I was confused when I saw 'RCMP' in this thread. Then I realized manwithtwohands is also Canadian! Neat.
    Ironically though, I usually refer to the police as 'the police' or 'the cops.'

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    But not as the people knocking at your front door?

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    no the ppl at the fro nt door will be pizza.

    pizza > cops <---fact

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    I just can't stop playing ssbm...
    I'm seeking help.

    Also; while I was in America, I was asked whether we'd driven there from England . And I'm fairly sure they weren't talking abount New England because of our accents...

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    clearly u hace a james bond car that can turn into a UFO, speed boat and fits in his top button.

    ill buy it.

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    you can drive there actually, if you take a boat all the way :O
    Someone said to voltaire "life's hard" Voltaire replied "compared to what?"

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    Pika Piiiiiiiii!

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    Hmm i wonder, Is Pikachu a guy or a girl ?

    Then again i much prefer Snorlax !
    Someone said to voltaire "life's hard" Voltaire replied "compared to what?"

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