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    Was it on another Pyro? I think I've heard something about them taking less damage from the Flamethrower, due to their suit.

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    I know Pyros take less fire damage. It was on, um, everything? :sigh:

    I'm gunna blame using a laptop. Wonder if I could rig a 360 controller up to it.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Lucis's Avatar

    I have a feeling pyros take most of the actual damadge, but don't burn for as long, if at all.
    Also, I'm morbidly depressed, cos atm I suck with any class that isn't a medic.

    EDIT: Ummm. This image might offened some1, so spoilered. But I lol'ed anyway.
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    I'm pretty much the same way, except with the only one I'm good at being Engineer.

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    Lol, Sporno.

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    The first time my friend brought me his copy of Black & White 2 and gave it to me since his computer wouldn't run it, he had me making the majority of my population breeders. It took me awhile to convince him that there weren't trees to build houses to contain people within my range of influence.

    Then he had me just do evil stuff, like encouraging my animal avatar to..expel its toxins on people's heads, or to eat enemies.

    ...I don't know why I just didn't hand the mouse and keyboard to him.

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    Two fruitless hours later, my 360 controller still does not work for TF2. However, I can plug it in and hit the guide button for some little display to pop up....

    I should have been working on homework for those two hours...

    POP QUIZ. Natus, what does Rita say before Ancient Catastrophe?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zayren View Post
    POP QUIZ. Natus, what does Rita say before Ancient Catastrophe?
    O power that lies at the root of all creation... O memory inscribed in ages past...hear my call and arise before me! ANCIENT CATASTROPHE!!

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    You get an A. FOR APPLESAUCE.


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    Oh lawd, I loves me sum applesauce!

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