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    [news] Welcome Regina!

    We'd like to introduce the newest member to the Guild Wars community team. Her name is Regina Buenaobra, and she starts today! She's created a user page on the wiki, so check it out.
    the new CRM?

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    wiki/talk page is empty.

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    hehe, give her time. If she's new, she might not have done much..

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    Welcome :) The more mesmers, the better :P

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    lol Give us a little more Lorem ipsum :P

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    I notice she says she's a mesmer by nature, and SS is her favorite skill. Maybe at last a dev who think SS should have been a mesmer skill *hides*

    Anyway... Welcome and have fun whatever role you are employed to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celestial Kitsune View Post
    Welcome :) The more mesmers, the better :P
    Who's fave skill is a necro elite

    Either way, welcome and I hope to see some more info soon.
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    Welcome Regina
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    Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay.

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    Regina Buenaobra?

    God, I feel sorry for her already. People couldn't even spell Gray right...
    On the other hand, I doubt there'll be a lot of people refering to her as a "he"...so I guess that's a plus.

    Anyway, hope she enjoys her stay and manages to keep up with us whinny bastards.

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