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    Smile What are the Kurzicks Stylistically and Spiritually?

    As you can see there's a big problem on deciding if Kurzicks are emo or not... I am Kurzick so I want to clear some things...So let's begin with my response to this... If you notice the architectures around the Petrified Forest,they are obviously affected by Gothic Period (dark-looking,tall,detailed buildings presenting demons and other entities) and I dont remember emos having their own style of Architectures in history

    Anyways the atmosphere indeed is morbid and dark like emos "claim to feel"...I would blame this on the petrified vines ,preventing the sun from coming in and also helping for that "gothic" feeling...So far no proof of emo:P

    As about clothing... They have the most elegant,beautiful style of clothing in all Factions Couture Union! You can notice the extravagance in their taste,both in hair and attire. As I said seems like they have got inspiration through Gothic Period...Though you can see some Kurzicks dressed up like Industrial Gothic(some kind of trend in Goth Subculture) or Gothic Lolitas (female fashion mixing Victorian-period fashion with Baroque fashion and more) which means NO similarity with emo fashion:P

    I personally love the way Kurzicks dress! And I love their pale skins! So with all these clues I wouldnt say they are emos...There's just no similarity between them...And if I was to place Kurzicks in a subculture thing, I would place them near Goth one... But I totally disagree with the whole thing! Kurzicks are Kurzicks! They are Gothic Aristocrats and Ladies which makes sense,growing under the darkness of a petrified forest would make them more united, Aristocratic(might include the term snob in it sometimes) and faithful as well as brutal(mostly Goths are characterised for their will to take over places - and not the goth-subculture goths:P)

    Matter is both Kurzicks and Luxons have a great and kind of Tragic History... One lost the forest other the sea after the Jade Wind which created beautiful sceneries...I dont think emos acctually fit here with their "dark souls" and cuts all over the body...Now let's enjoy our silky LONG Kurzick Gowns!! (:P Completelly irrelevant)

    P.S: I do not mean to offend any emo or Luxon thinking that way, but that's the way things are...Kurzicks dress strange and extravagantly and we love it! AND HELL THEY DO NOT WANT TO CUT THEMSELVES! xD

    Thanks for the patience! Post your opinion if you wish

    Oh my...that's a big one.....:P Please be patient!!!
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    I'm not certain if this qualifies as lore. Although it does examine the Kurzick culture, but only in a way as to prove they're not emos.

    I think this may be better off in the Community Lounge..I'll let it sit here for a bit though, before I make my decision.

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    Hm thought it was kinda relevant...If u want I can move it

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    Agrees totally with OP.

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    From a lore context, the way I view the Kurzicks is that we know:

    - They predate the Jade Wind and have had a coherent culture before then (watch the Factions intro animation and you will see that their tree houses were once in living trees)

    - We know from reading Zho's book about the black moa chick that Echovald alters living things. If you find the ivory pale skin and appearance kind of disconcerting (I do), then realise that the place Kurzicks live in distorts living things. They likely look the way they do because of where they live.

    - They are an isolated culture. I would not say they are Goth or emo or whatever (and on a strictly lore basis, those words don't ever come up). They are a closed culture with their peculiar way of dress and organisation. Again, they look the way they do because of their culture too.

    - As for them being 'emo'...nope. They are a bit too well organised for that. There's definitely a hierarchy, councils, religious hegemony and a few mad scientists running around who want to (artfully) kill a few thousand Luxons. Emos rarely have that much energy about killing others and I doubt the average Emo would tolerate the amount of religiousity.

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    Yes I agree about the jade wind thing,they had their homes carved there... As about the skin I havent read about it in Zho's journal but it comes out in common sense also, I mean they cant have a tan with no sun as well..I am sure it's kind of fashion as in Victorian Age...Anyway they look really great...Of course I said they r no emo or goth, they are Kurzick (I state it on the Post above;))...Also I agree about a difference you state at the end (mad scientists:P!)

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    I completely agree with the OP.

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    i agree that they aren't emos and that the style is gothc but i however don't think it was through choice as the forest use to be a place of beauty and when the jade wind happened it turned its forest to stone and just like the luxons they adapted to it the luxons mined the jade and well the kurs decided to turn there forest gothic style the saying give a 100 monkeys 100 typewriters and u will get a story works well here as if u give people a forest of stone u will get gothic culture

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    I think the closest culture they might identify would be the "Steampunk" style, which was common in the 1890s sci-fi of Wells and Verne. It's a style that is all it's own and like the Kurzicks, really has a way of mixing art and science.

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    If you watch the Factions cinematic you can see that the Kurzicks already had their gothic fashion. It is also told in the game that their arcitecture was inspired by Cathedral Zu Heltzer which predated the Kurzick nation.

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