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    Blood Necros viable?

    One of my favorite PvE characters that I had before I quit was my blood necro, and I was wondering if they were still viable now that I'm coming back.

    I intend on starting again in prophecies, and I want to know if they still work well.

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    Hm...what are some good blood skills...

    [Spoil Victor]


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    [skill]Order of Pain[/skill] aint too bad, u knows

    [skill]Blood Is Power[/skill]
    lulz how about no

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    what? everyone knows that [skill]Blood Is Power[/skill] is a monk skill now...

    joke aside, i still take a blood hero with me sometimes, but i don't play my necro anymore. i wonder why....

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    [blood ritual][foul feast][plague sending][flesh of my flesh][mark of fury][splinter weapon][weapon of fury][ancestor's rage]

    Ran that for a while on a necro hero. Though they're pretty bad at using foul.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SurviverX View Post
    Hm...what are some good blood skills...

    [Spoil Victor]

    That's about it. If you run that skill the rest of your bar should be Curses.

    In PvE you occasionally see groups wanting a BiP for specific builds.

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    No, and it never really has been. Blood spells deal very little damage to balance the fact that most of it is armor-ignoring and/or life-stealing. Most blood damage skills have high costs, long cast times or both, and you will end up dealing very little damage very slowly. You've got some degen in their, but not enough to maked a build around.

    SV is useful in farming and vs. bosses. It's not spectacular in standard play b/c enemies will end up with less health than you after only 1 or 2 hits. If you're going to run an elite hex that damages people when they do stuff, spiteful is generally better for the aoe.

    Orders is useful if you're running a lot of attackers, but it's so limited you might as well make a hero do it so you don't get bored.

    Honestly, the only time I put pts into blood magic is when I bring awaken with me to empower my curses spells.

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    Spoil Victor is really the only 'Good' offensive blood skill, and only in certain situations. Specifically when used in HM paired with Minions. Foes High level health vs Minions low level health = Spoil Victor Ownage.

    Other than that and the possible Boss, it's rare that SV will trigger more than once, or even at all. In that sense, curses or an MM will serve you much better for any type of offensive/damage build.

    In HM EotN though, I run a SV necro all the time with PvE skills, but really nothing else from the Blood line (shadow strike is ok for a starter hit on a foe).

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    Tarnished Coast

    I enjoy running a Blood Magic necromancer in PvE. I don't use a Blood Magic elite, though, instead I typically use Reaper's Mark or Icy Veins.

    The build I used worked well enough to get through Nightfall and Eye of the North using only heroes and henchies, so I'd still call it viable.

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    I vaquished NF with a build like this:
    [Vampiric Gaze][Life Siphon][Necrosis][Pain Inverter][Well of Blood][Unholy Feast][Spoil Victor][Rebirth]

    Sometimes, I switch out [Well of Blood] for [Signet of Lost Souls]

    I run with a Superior Vigor Rune in my Bloodstained Boots, a Superior Blood rune in my headpiece (I have a superior rune for each attribute, switching out accordingly) and a Major Soul Reaping rune in my gloves. So, I'm usually running 475 hp. THAT makes SV a great skill to use on bosses. Add a MM to your party, and the enemy cursed with SV will go down real fast! Also, Necrosis is AWESOME! 90 armor-ignoring damage for 5 pts. makes it a standard in ANY necro's bar!

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