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    I realize that my "Frosted Griffon Wings" post had pictures from the internet. Because of that I decided to remake it using one of my own screenshots and I tweaked it around a bit.

    Frosted Griffon Wing


    Frosted Griffon Wings

    Hopefully this one will count
    Thanks again for hosting this contest.

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    A new entry!
    Ettin Club (Green Weapon) vs.....An Ettin Club! xD

    I think it is obvious who the Ettins are. I decided to draw it less carefully, as Abstract Art makes lot of difference

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    This seems like a fun contest so I joined up :). First creation
    Hall of Heroes : Epic Fail

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    What I think of everytime someone says ANET in game

    IGN: Pelius The Prophet
    Title: What I think of everytime someone says ANET in game


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    Hola, here's my entry. Oh, and my IGN(guessing that it means In Game Name) is Trance Kuja Rebirth.

    Title: "Profession Gone Astray"

    And if the pic doesn't pop up here's the link


    lol and if that doesn't work here's the web address

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    lol, that skill bar is hilarious!

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    For this one, I tried it in paint and it didn't turn out so well. Didn't turn out too well on paper either, but oh well, here goes:

    Mask of The Mo Zing


    Mask of Mo' Bling

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    IGN: Rital Mistry

    Here is my entry:
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    I've realized that it's easier to let the ideas come to you, than to try to look all through the game for them Here's my latest one. (Again sorry for the hand-drawn pic and the fact that it's blurry)

    Dread Mask


    Dred Mask

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Nice submissions all :D cool to see how twisted some of your minds are ^^

    Here's my submission :P

    IGN Crusher the Warrior

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