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    This didnt come up in previous post.. Enjoy though.

    IGN- Jack Grunt

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    Last couple of entries.. first one is an old joked but was bored and did it anyways



    IGN is Asto Vidaatu

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    Glad to see my Axe post was the font of many good pics
    In case I don't get one more post in by the time the contest ends, I'd like to thank DVDF one more time for hosting this contest, and I really enjoyed looking at all of these greats pics. Good luck to everyone.

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    IGN: Warmaster Tobias

    Hero's Handbook

    Hero's Handbook (Hard Mode)

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    For all those baseball Fans. =)

    haha. these are funny.

    IGN- Jack Grunt
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    IGN: Warmaster Tobias
    Forget me not

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    Hope I'm in time for the complete entry of *drumroffle* The Shouting Spiders

    [You're all alone!]


    [Watch Yourself!]

    [Fall Back!]

    [Never Surrender!]

    I hope you guys enjoy the humor part of it

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    Account name: Shadow Player - entry #2

    Am I too late >.> it's 5:05am PST and I can't convert for crap

    Note: Use Forum PM for contact; my work schedule keeps me busy most of the entire day.
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    The dingbat contest is now closed

    Thank You to everyone who participated in this contest! We got a massive amount of entries, and will be hard at work judging them in the days to come.

    Feel free to continue to post pictures, but do note that any pictures posted after this post will not be judged.
    -Darith Kaulk[DVDF]

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    Stormbluff Isle


    Well done, good compo!


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